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Roundtable question. Bodybuilders. Sensitivity to wheat products cost you sensitive known nothing. It doesn't bother me whatsoever. I could be holding even we all the time. It's all good, stephen. Yeah, i'm not going, carl, chuckie, and leave a song, just weed. I don't overdo it. Danny, wait. Yes, i got to stick to, like white rice and oatmeal, so you are sensitive to eat. What happens to you have been blowed up really quick. Why, coach chris, switch me overto, you know, sweet potato meal of stuff like that gazing. I've never had a high diet, we always said in moderation, have never really seen happen issue with it. I do well with high carb, thomas it's, my late night pb and j's on. They do me good, though i don't have it all american, like peanut butter and jelly. Uh, that doesn't affect me at all. I don't really have it in my diet anyways. Okay, yeah, whenever i'll have, like, a sandwich with wheat bread, i get really bloated and my midsection and just i hold a lot of water for, like, a day or two, but they don't go away after that. Trevor, i'm fine with it, but i think it's because it's more of a glue and right issue for people, and any time you take it out of your diet for too long, any time, add that back into a diet from ivy and you're gonna respond a lot worse to it. So you slowly introduced and keeping more frequent those side effects go away, having coached so many athletes. What percentage i know it's hard to think about this. What percentage would you say are sensitive to gluten is like ninety percent of, like ten percent. I've only met a few and they're the ones that always doing extreme dieting that never have weak and you have to literally just put it slowly in increments back in their diet and then there completely fine. So same with mila adapts to actually done a study. Where they say that about thirteen percent of the population has a gluten intolerance are tested on the rest of us stopped eating gluten and now are sensitive to it because their body hasn't die after drinking. Stop the ability of producing that enzyme to break it down when you do have it, jerry all right, large neck. Yeah, blows me a little bit, but still still good like flicka j p p j's alright, extra extra large day. I have no issues of weight. I cannot eat it for years and i'll have a loaf of wheat bread and i have no issues whatsoever for me. It definitely bloats me. So when it's competition time no wheat for me, it makes me just feel like my stomach just gets huge and i don't know full of water and just kind of backs me up even constipated me, you're not before show, but nevertheless i still eat wheat and so i just walk around bloated. I'm just really good at sucking my stomach in real tight in the meantime, but, you know ah, don't say the name but you know, on olympia competitors bodybuilder that supposedly when he removed weed. From his diet and waste got a lot tighter because i thought it was a tch gh gut. I talkto parcel ok, on the other person that said that who was his coach was lying, so you never had a moving and talks. He was trying to cover up. The h gh got no. Oh, but it's something else you're going to tell us in the future. Video data for more body building, underground secrets be swell in school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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Kal Ai

Song at the end?? Where can I find your old YouTube videos