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a protein concentrate. You like it or not? Trevor know we're gonna find out why Coach Trevor doesn't like way protein concentrate here it the New York Pro, one of the most important bodybuilding competitions in the world, where Olympia competitors come to qualify to compete in the Olympia were here interviewing and talking to a lot of the competitors behind the scenes so we can learn from them and also teach them some of our new cutting edge knowledge way protein concentrate. However, that's Ah, that's an old topic, but I'm bringing it up again because so many people have asked our opinion on it recently. And more people are getting in the way protein concentrate who are not even like in body built just as a supplement for health benefits. Now, way protein concentrate is comes from milk, and it's not his filtered down as a way protein. Isolate. So he's got casing, which is like the thickest part of the milk protein takes the longest to digest. Then you've got way protein concentrate, and then you've got way isolate and then hide Ross hydraulics, a being the most filtered down and with enzymes in it that helps break down. So you're basically just getting like, pure amino acids. The way protein concentrate has other things than just protein. It has fat. It has carbs, But not a lot. I mean, not not near as much as milk. I mean, not even close. It's definitely way filtered down. So what is it about way protein? Concentrate that you don't like that I don't like protein at all in general. Nineteen powders. Yeah, I don't I don't believe in him. A destroyed the use that people use them for. I believe it can be taken and properly, but I don't believe in them in general. So it usually you think that protein patterns digest too quickly and to your body can't absorb all those amino acids, and so they just convert to carbs and fat. But I think with audience really wants to know is how do you compare how long it takes to digest away protein concentrate versus ladyboy semen? The ladyboy Seema has a much more protein. It's much more complex. Protein takes long out of breakdown and teeth whitening properties in its organic organic. It's vegan. So aside from that, I do have issue with the timing. That's probably the biggest thing. And then to that, it is a process protein, and I don't really believe in that kind of things. And then artificial sweetener a calorie. There's no purpose should be a staple in someone's diet, but it can't be used effectively. So back to the timing. All these things Isola High Joy Ceiling. It's how all how their process or manufactured and I dress lit or a hydro Iceland's I like to call it versus something like concentrate. All it is is sure there's a timing difference. Concentrators fast hydra isolate happens to be amino acids are just bonded by a peptide. So as soon as they hear your stomach acid, you could better believe once the liquids got it just goes right to your bloodstream. Now you have all these amino acids in your bloodstream. You get a little bit of a insolent response because of this. My biggest thing is that people do have too much protein. I always talk about this, and one of the things is what eighty grams of protein in six hours, eight hours versus eighty grams of protein in fifteen minutes. There's an actually no way your body could utilize eighty grams of protein in fifteen minutes. What if you step on it over eight hours? If you did that, you could somehow make it so complicated and get the exact number perfectly. Mimic that and waste your entire day sitting there doing that. Now you're dealing with artificial product. That was, ah, protein of synthetic protein, basically and artificial sweeteners and flavorings that coloring and you're just taking that. So that's the other part of the equation. It's not something natural. Where has everything together organically, that the body's intended tohave? You start producing assets in your body when you have things that are one hundred percent natural, I mean, but that's like eating a steak that it comes from like a T bone steak and saying, Well, you're not eating the entire cow. You're not eating its hair and its brains, so you're not going to get police supplement because milk has many different components of it. I mean, you could take the carbs from the milk, which will lactose. You could take the protein out of the milk. You take the fat out of the milk, and you could have any one of those and get the nutrients that you need from that one item. You don't have to have the whole food. That's like he's saying, Got to eat a whole cow. No, that's the wrong analogy because that protein source that comes from the milk nothing you, nothing in human nature could any type of protein source can be turned into a powder form and be considered find tohave for years at a time. That stuff consent for years at a time in your body is somehow going to be able to take this in and think that it was a natural source way. Have so many medical studies using protein powders, post workout, showing that they work so well And And what about post workout? I mean, post workout is the time we need fast protein. And if you had two meals prior to the gym, those amino acids are still in your body, right? And I do believe protein synthesis and especially of drugs like insulin and things are used with after work out does increase. But how you have to determine this? How fast does your body repair a damaged protein cell? At that speed? If the fat of the essential fatty acids are not present fast enough after a workout to recover and repair the membrane of the cell. That protein that's goingto fix the damage cell will not do anything because you still need the membrane fixed. So all these things that have to happen so I do believe having some form of crunchy after workout is good. You're gonna have enough amino acids from prior, but people are going overboard and taking more than forty, thirty, forty grams. Even that's when I need it if you're on top of your diet. All right, Trevor, let's get real here for a minute. You have a deep hatred towards protein powders. What did protein powder due to you as a child? And it is It's so repressed. You don't even remember that we need to put you under hypnosis. Well, no, actually, it's easy. It's that people use it wrong. People look at this nice, okay? People use their own, and that's all it is people. You have a misconception about protein in general, and they use the powder of as a source of protein, and that's all it is. And I get frustrated with it, and then I say, Why not just have a liquid egg whites? Because you could get a little bit slower in a real source of protein. So there's just better things in that. That's all it is, and I get frustrated with, you know, proper use and things like that. So what's the proper use? Post workout would be the most proper time to use it. How about if we don't have access to other protein? I mean, it's better to have some protein powder than nothing. Then I would do exactly like you said I would sleep a little bit slower inside drinking fifty grams for your one meal. I would do twenty five grams. Maybe that our twenty five the next hour, something along those lines. Get more of a study released, try and mimic food. Do you have any opinion on the peptides that Aaron concentrate? Because if you look in the magazines lately, they'LL say. Here's all these benefits of all these weird combined peptides and went way concentrate to help your immune system, especially that air made there in milk, and they're made Teo help boost immune system or jump start the immune system of a child a baby cow, maybe human baby animals. They all drink milk, and and there's things like there's there's all these growth factors and all these peptides in it, and a concentrate isn't filtered down so much that it doesn't have that and isolate. They removed and break down even more. The peptides and a hydraulic state There's like very little long chain peptide that act like hormones and have health benefits. And it's just amino acids. So isn't there some benefit to the concentrate and all these immune boosting peptide? It's there is, and it is a really big gray area because some of those excellent those peptides get lost on your digestion. But it is a gray area, and it does have a benefit now, depending on the person does the benefits outweigh the side effects? A lot of the week got off subject, but the concentrate, as with black toes, are all these things with people's guts. A lot of people start getting really, really bad gas or diarrhea from concentrate. So with those peptides outweigh that. If you're not absorbing things efficiently and you're getting gas and bloating and discomfort and you're not gonna be able to eat your next mil or is officially our absorb it officially. Yeah, okay to talk about the fat and the carbs and protein, Don't you think that that's overplayed? I mean, there's usually only a couple grams of fat versus twenty five grams of protein and a couple grams of carbs. And yet one of the things that it's demonized against protein way concentrate is Oh, God, it's got fat and carbs. And then also the lack toast. Yeah, that's got a little bit of lactose in it. Often times you can also take a lacto sends. I mean, it's not that big of a deal. If that's the only problem. Someone has the gas and bloating. Can't you just take a lacto sends? I'm with it. Actually, I have a cousin that has ah, lactose intolerance. And the pills will help. It s Oh, there's people that will have that problem no matter what, and it's their sensitivity to it. So that can't be a real problem in effect, absorption of nutrients after you do in just too much of it. And it will once it happens, and half their days rune of digestion. So there is those people the other part to it is when you said what was the other, the fabric are yet s so you could have that and still be in ketosis. They wouldn't even affect your ketosis diet, right? You're being a little too strict on yourself. What it is is if you have, let's say you did. Ah, high dry slip or a hydra slit. The If you use fifty grams of that, the how fast and readily absorbs on how much that's going to convert into glucose and insulin is going to rise is more damaging to a diet in the concentration would have been with having the fat in there. So the some small benefit of the way protein concentrate. Is that a digest? A little bit slower. So you get a little bit less conversion to glue close and a little bit less insolent response and therefore potential. They have it flip. You're getting more damage by taking a protein. It's that quick and a high amount. My brother's gone all vegan, and he's turned into a health fanatic. This is from a guy who was doing body building stuff with me before, and he told me why he right, he's been reading up. He's like, Why would you take way approaching and concentrate? It spikes insulin, which causes you to gain fat. Insulin won't make you fat, the carbs will, so you have to look at it that way. We talked about doing fasted cardio on insulin. You can still burn Fat is how much carbohydrates and spilling over and how fast all the insolent could make you tired of it spikes and then goes down and show. You can wear our insolence sensitivity, but you actually improve Insulin Sensitivity on the study is shown on way protein. So so it's not about the way courting concentrate. It's not the fact that it spikes insulin. It's the fact that it spikes insulin and also converts to carbs and fat, and then makes you insulin resistant and then kicks you out of a ketosis state gets you out of fabric state. It's all those secondary effects about the way protein concentrate this negative, then school. Let's go to the artificial sweeteners, obviously artificial sweeteners and the other things that are added into protein batter. Not so healthy, but a way to mitigate that is you, Khun, by like raw pure way concentrate you can buy without all the flavours. Just nobody does, because nobody would let nobody would drink it because they don't like the flavor so bloated. You don't get a lot of times you'll get so sick from drinking all these products. All of them are so loaded with it. I used to get sick and throw up at the gym because I would do in your workout and they're all sweet. And once I took that out and got the raw powder, it was neutral by our somebody at it and mix them all together with no flavoring. That was us not sick. Listen, way protein Concentrate. If you're listening to this, we don't We don't hate you. Is this constructive criticism? So don't don't take personal offense to this way, Protein Concentrate. Personally, I use you Sometimes I prefer an isolate. That doesn't mean I don't dabble in the concentrate. Everyone smile specially and we're in countries that don't have access to, like the really high quality proteins. Not that I'm saying you're not high quality way protein. Concentrate your quality in your own way. Do you think way protein concentrate will still have a three way with me and hydraulics saying casing after this. Uh, I think the way you burn the bridges burned it. You don't think a perching concert appreciated the ladyboy seem injured? You need a light to it. And just tell him that you did. You were distracted ever since. Silence said lady boy, you had that in your mind, lady boys. And you had a hard time for me. Thank you for really heart swell in school with my friends of freedom. Pioneers of human evolution. Yeah, but some bad checks in with this approach is in my wallet, and I'm flexing it for else. Fragile ration rice. I love I won't. Bot here fronting with cash is getting moody over here. When it's on my bed section with him, I watered and I'm playing

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