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white rice versus brown rice. I'm Dr Huge. This is Aaron Reed, and bodybuilders use a lot of rice. There's a debate over what's better for us, especially his body builders, brown rice or white rice. The difference is that brown rice is and it's more natural state. And then when you show the husk off, you're left with the inside of the rice, which is the white rice. So what's better for body? Well, first of all, I'm glad you brought that up because that's actually the only dare restrain white brown rice. People don't realize that is just basically shelling. No show. It's like having a peanut. You know, Shel inside the night to show you something. So if you eat the entire herd to digest, right, So that's what's going on with with white and brown rice. It depends on a few things. Okay, if you are the type of individual that typically doesn't exert yourself intense manner doesn't have a lot of muscle, doesn't prefer and robe activity versus, like cardio. You're gonna do better with a brown rice because you're gonna have a slow release of energy coming from that rice breakdown will be slowed by the added fiber. That's, um, brethren. But when it comes to the white rice, typically, if you trained really hard with weights trying to revenge in stores filled, uh, white rice is gonna be better after, you know, nine times out of ten. But it's for independence. Brown rice can also block the absorption of certain nutrients in the intestines. So if you are going to be on a brown rice heavy diet, you to find out which nutrients are blocked by the brown rice and consider adding those in a thousand different kinds of rice is out there in the world that so much that he lives. But there's only like two three that I really like has Jasmine Rice is my favorite, contends that it tends to be a little bit more voice on, have a better flavour to some, its own bars. My rices is up there, I think it's saying the jazz personally raider white rice. Whether it's longer in short reign of whatever tends to try out faster, more quickly and has less flavor. Just love water

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Hell yeah good video. I liked the analogy about a peanut taking longer to absorb if you ate it with the shell.
I’ve always been a brown rice man for the flavor but I’m about to go buy a bag of jasmine white rice n’ see what’s up.