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probiotic bacteria essential to many aspects of health link. Gut bacteria to immunity, skin health, irritable bowel disease and even autism. Poor diet, the tie and sugar. Refined carbs, processed foods, artificial sweeteners. Antibiotics, especially these things, wiped out beneficial bacteria. The bacteria are also very good for the brain chemicals that affect our mood, like serotonin positive mental health. Antibacterial soaps because they kill all the good stuff, just like antibiotics inside your body. Disturbance of gut bacteria You're going to be in trouble if you're having a high sugar diet when it comes to the importance of the probiotic bacteria for us in scientific circles, having a wide diversity of these bugs or bacteria that's increasingly understood to be essential to many aspects of health. For example, in two thousand fourteen landmark study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation from New York University, they said the composition of the microbiome and its activities are involved in most of not all of the biological processes that constitute human health and disease were talking about peer reviewed studies that link gut bacteria to immunity, skin health, irritable bowel disease and even autism. And here's some interesting areas. Many people our existing with a damaged microbiome, mainly because of a poor diet that's high in sugar, refined carbs, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics, especially these things. Wife out, beneficial bacteria. In fact, for some people who are immune compromised, one course of antibiotics can leave your gut bacteria weaker for up to four years, which is why people sometimes just have a very difficult time recovering from a knee illness that requires a lot of antibiotics. But here's interesting thing when it comes to wait. A major problem, obviously, in the United States and in the world are microbiome actually contains substances that could help our bodies either reject or use mohr of the calories from food than we really want. What they've done is found that when they give the bacteria from animals better over wage, when they give them the bacteria from animals that air the normal weight well, the obese animals they normalize in terms of their weight. That's not that many studies have been done with human populations. But it's pointing in that same direction that if you could take bacteria from a sick person, put it into a healthy person, you will improve their outcome It turns out that the bacteria are also very good for the brain. An optimal bacteria balance is fundamental to the functioning of what's called the in Terek nervous system, also known as your second brain. That's why sometimes that's what they call the hole probiotic area in the gut. The second brain. This produces chemicals that affect our mood like serotonin, and ninety five percent of that is produced in your bow if you have the right bacteria. So it's no surprise that research is linking traditional dietary practice of fermenting foods, for example, which will talk more about us. We get along to positive mental health researchers at Master University in Canada. This goes back to what I told you before. Replace the gut bacteria of anxious mice with bacteria form or fearless mice. And they found that the anxiety levels in the first group reduced. So again, you've got a way to get anxiety all aspects that are influenced by your gut bacteria, even the skin. We're talking about the inside of the body, but the outside, too, needs good bacteria. We've known for some time, for example, with hair that you want to have an acid balance on the scalp because that's going to lead to the production of the right kind of bacteria on your skin. That's why you really don't like or should use those antibacterial soaps because they kill all the good stuff, just like antibiotics inside your body. But probiotics the friendly bacteria, they're being put into creams and sprays to do all kinds of things. They're about one hundred thousand bacteria per square centimeter on the surface of the skin, and these air made up of two hundred to three hundred different types of bacteria. So people with healthy skin have higher levels of protective bacteria known as s epidermis and S ha menace, while those with ex Emma have higher levels of bacteria called S really ISS that's associated with Exim. According to researchers, you'LL see more and more creams that will have friendly bacteria in them as the studies continue to pour in, showing just how protective the bacteria the probiotics are when it comes to things again, like ex Emma, another thing to again, with the high consumption of sugar that we have today, that's just really messes up the good bacteria. So even if you're supplementing, you're going to be in trouble. If you're having a high sugar diet of the hundred trillion bacteria living in your gut, the balance should be roughly eighty five percent good, fifteen percent bad at that level. The body's ableto handle all the immune challenges that come in and and maintain order. When that starts to shift, then you find not only disease situations but all kinds of problems with the intestines and such, because there's just too much bacteria acting on things that they shouldn't be acting on. Caffeine in excess can also affect that balance. Processed foods, stress. And as we mentioned antibiotics and even certain other kinds of medication, you should always ask your doctor when you prescribed any kind of a medicine. If there any of the side effects include disturbance of gut bacteria. And if it does well, then we'LL talk about appropriate things that you should do, and I should also mention that as we age, the amount of stomach acid do. We have also declines, and that effects the way that the body uses the food and also that balance of good bacteria to bad bacteria. Again, probiotics these things, they're bacteria like micro organisms, including yeast, and we have been using them for a very, very long time thousands of years in food especially. And now, of course, we've got them in capsules and Derek Products will go over some of the benefits of probiotic supplements and probiotic foods, especially the fermented foods. In Part two of the probiotic story, I'm Terry Nozzle er, health and longevity researcher for in hand staff flee.

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