Why Doesn’t Coach Trevor Compete in Mr. Olympia?

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Will Trevor compete in? Mr. Olympia? Dr. Tony Huge here. Enhanced athlete dot com. Coach Trevor, why don't you compete, Mr Olympia? Uh, never qualify. Uh, why don't you go quick? Qualified? Because it's not my passion anymore. And with all the things gone heart, you know, the knees, the legs, you know? But you could if you wanted to compete in Mr Olympia definitely turn pro. And all this is qualifying just winning, you know, getting the points on the pro show. So, you know, theoretically, I could Wow, Esso. So give us a list of all the things holding you back. Okay? So number one is desire. You don't desire to compete on the stage. That's number one. If that's not there, no one's you'LL never get through any of it. Drugs, any of that stuff If it's not there mentally, you don't want it bad enough They talk about it and you'LL never understand it until you've done a show and seen what it takes to beat some of the high caliber guys. It has to be come from right here. If that's not there, Here, in here, you know, never goingto push yourself so that extreme Okay, You mentioned knees. What's going on to your knees? That's preventing you from, uh, let's say you wanted to compete, Mr Olympia. We'Ll go down the list of things that the other limiting factors here. What about the knees since the accident and the surgeries and they still need another replacement on the left one. Um, that's been, you know, learned howto walk again and then getting those taking care of so late Training's been just PT at this point, and if I can get him back two hundred percent, that would be its own thing. But the knees gotta get another replacement. The left two on go from there. How about the genetics? The look of the muscle? Do you have the genetics to compete in Olympia stage? You see the tie ins that those guys have, You know, that's all a genetic factor that you can You can't change that. You can change how big you can get. You can never change the shape, you know. You're born with a certain shape. There's something there's gonna flare. You think guys really Winkler you'll never build Have that look Unless you're born with it, you can take everything you know, like me, I can get really big, You know, I've never reached the limit, but the shape that shapes on their looking guys like Flex Wheeler. He's everything pop on that guy. Well, you know, I went to Mr Olympia and your arms are actually larger than some of the Mr Olympia competitors. Some of the ones that were on states related to cane Bishop, Do you think Keen Bishop has the shape and the muscle tie ends that are? Ah, high enough genetic caliber to be on Olympia stage? Yeah, one hundred percent. He has the shape. And I've told him that from day one, it's just getting that size thing out of his head and just coming in condition he has. I mean, when you see this guy in the jam, it's like walking by Dexter Jackson. You know, the type of shape that guy has. You could do so much with thinking about age. You're twenty five. Is that a good age? Teo, if someone wanted to compete in Olympia and a very high level is twenty five a good age to be able to do that? Uh, no, The older the better. When, When you hear people talk about maturity and muscle maturity, that's a huge thing. That's what holds big round me back. You hear that? A lot holds got down with this Big Remy, twenty nine thirty something that's he's really younger than me. And, uh, who's the other guy? He did the sack one overall. Here. Sack, um, P m. Place too well this year, Olympia. But that guy's twenty seven twenty eight twenty seven and one of their biggest. Knox is muscle maturity, which comes with age, you know, then you see when running home and talk about what age he started really peaking that that's in this thirties. So he is years and years of training that muscle maturity really, really coming together. So you think you get your your physique can actually improve by improving your muscle maturity as well one hundred percent. And then you know you can't change the shape, but maturity will make a big difference. And do you think you understand the chemistry, nutrition and training enough to get on Olympia stage? If all the other things were in place? Yeah, it's it's easy and it's hard. It's kind of you know, So it's a little over thought sometimes, and it just we talked about earlier. It's hard work you can't replace. Well, some of these Olympia competitors have Chris Aceto uh, George para Handy Ram bod. These trainers have protocols and, you know, chemical protocols that they don't share with anybody except for their highest and athletes. Supposedly. Do you think that the protocol is that you that you know that you use and that you've used on your athletes are up to the same caliber as though the highest in the world? Yeah, they're certain athletes. I would do it for once. Either been around that, asked for it or know about it. That's a whole I mean, there's things you people have no idea about what goes on back. Let me summarize it like this guy's. Trevor's willing to share about eighty five percent of his secrets on enhanced athlete dot com, the last fifteen percent he hasn't been willing to share with the public yet. He only leaves that for his highest and athletes because some of them are quite dangerous. I'm we're gonna work on forever to reveal as much as possible on the YouTube. But the problem is that if he reveals the last fifteen percent of the secrets to get absolutely crazy, conditioning were crazy, huge. Everybody's going to think that that's that secret to get there when the truth is, you've got to get to a certain level till you're ready for that last fifteen percent. So that's one of the reasons why he doesn't share that. It's like how many people are watching this channel that are already two hundred fifty pounds shredded, stage ready and are ready to take it to the next level from there? I mean, really, Unless unless someone is already on I f b b pro trying to move their way up the ranks like that, then they don't need that last teen. Fifteen percent of the secrets that you have is that right? Yeah, and not everyone does it. I mean, like you said, they all have their own approach, and some guys actually don't do it. And some guys, you'd be like, Oh, he takes all this stuff and there's a couple pros, you know, not to mention names. They don't take a lot of stuff, and they don't do a lot of the other guys do and they still come in that look. So genetics and hard work, man, it's always going to be there, and there's always those little tricks. But I think I Green said it when he's always asks, You know what I do sodium wise before showing this and that which I do here, he's just says, Just getting the German train. Yes, it really comes back down to that. Well, I'll give another reason why Coach Trevor doesn't or why he kind of fell out of love for competing. And why he probably won't compete at that level again is because that last fifteen percent that last fifteen percent that he hasn't shared with us to take it to the extreme level. It's very hard on the health, and Trevor knows that if he does that last fifteen percent, he would be. He could be one of the biggest people in America, given his knowledge of chemistry and absolutely massive on the bodybuilding stage. But he doesn't want to do that to his health. So you know, he had a rude awakening when he, ah fell down a flight of stairs, had a concussion, was in a wheelchair for a year and realized how important health was. And when he came back, he told himself he wasn't ever going to put his health at risk again. So that's a little bit of Coach Trevor story. A little bit of why Coach Trevor isn't working towards getting on the Olympia stage like he used to back when he was twenty three years old and two hundred eighty five pounds shredded. Um, feel free to ask any other questions and I will, uh, get Trevor to answer them in the future. Lots of videos coming up swollen to all my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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