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old protein and supplements. Being both protein is a great alternative for that, says I guess, whatever it takes. And I won't change my opinion because it's back. Theo. So, guys, let's go Trevor here trying to relax and they come out. Ask me questions started filming me, catching me on my off time right now. But the question wass are basically why I say this. It's cold protein and supplements being *** on. People have used the same thing with steroids and saying that I say it's *** and protein is *** and for the most part, for a bodybuilder that is trying to obtain a goal and wants it more than anything. Then sharp Ruxin. It's ***. And I only say that because I mean it's been drilled by guys like rich beyond other people that, you know, whole food is better. No one really explains why, and so I kind of want explain why that came up and I didn't necessarily just mean all approaching *** and the fact that we sell it. But I still stand by it, and I tell people the same thing, and I won't change my opinion because I've experienced the results I've seen the results and athletes and my clients and then the studies and research behind it. But the thing is, not everyone's the same. Not everyone has the same goal in. Aside from that, not everyone has time of the day or says they don't have time to eat meals or eat their protein source, so they have to have some kind of alternative that's fast because of their job. Simply, I'LL save military having a protein bar in your pocket. You can sit there and bring you know, boxes of food with you, and Tupperware is full of food. That case, it's absolutely not ***, but I was strictly talking about when you're saying bodybuilding people have this huge goal in mind, but they're not willing to do as a pianist, says, like whatever it takes, he has some truth to that, that that is your goal. Then why have pass? If you have a choice between drinking a protein shake and eating a steak, get a steak. It's going to be mind blowingly different overtime. No one's ever really talked about it. Why there is a documentary one. They did the research studies in this documentary and two. They were going up previous, and now I guess we'LL say there's a future results from this is a lot of peace. People misinterpret it, interpret it and take a lot of the wrong, get a lot of wrong information from it, and then they start talking about it, and it causes a lot of problems, which is why the Internet is full with other theories or counter evidence here and there. And it never ends because no one is properly looking up these things. So when it comes to this study that they did, it wasn't just regular People always talk about that. When you say doing a fast or a you know partial fast is good and they put on weight. They lean out well, no two hundred fifty pound body better get some results. It's always individuals that our baby office workers or have bad lifestyle, which of course, is going to do that. But is it might be good for them. It's not optimal. It's not the best for someone else. And with this protein study and all they took athletes. They took bodybuilder specifically in other athletes, and they were eating between four and six meals, the pay on which person it was, and they were having different amounts of shade, protein shakes or bars and through the day. And what they did was depending on how ever many that they took out two of their meal replacement or protein shakes for bars and replace it with a whole food protein source. Whether was chicken steak? It was a period of time. They were all different. We could get into that later, but over one month and the bodybuilder. So I'm using this one specifically because most people watching have some form of body image that they want a body builder and they put which two point two pounds of muscle or wait. It was lean body weight so we could say muscle because just protein that they change it wasn't the carbohydrate sources two point two pounds of muscle or lean way. How we want to look at it and a really was a thirty three percent increase their metabolism. Now you look at that just by changing two of your meals that we're approaching shakes into protein bull food, protein sources Teo get that kind of difference is extreme. That's huge and when you're talking about bodybuilding, every little thing counts. That's why guys like a mean or so so particular. What they do is so exact because he worked with people that were willing to do that. That's their life, their job, their money. So it's something like that and look at those studies and see the benefits of changing them. No one's ever really talked about it, and you can see the difference that it's made of bodybuilders. And he's got guys at all different levels and as you get bigger is probably going Teo a lot more important, especially when it comes to meals like steak. And so there's people that can, you know. If you don't have time, then you have to find something that's called this supplement because it's supplements into your diet what we're missing. If you're eating red meat, you'LL have to take creating. If you don't get read me in your diet, supplement it with the supplemental creating just like protein. And some people can't get enough of that approaching sources from Whole Foods because of their waste distension. They get bloated, they don't feel good, so they have to do it in increments protein is a great alternative for that. For people who don't have the time are capable of getting the meal was a page study that they were paid the show, show it a certain way. But it was actually something completely opposite that was going on. So stay tuned, guys, and keep in touch with the videos that we have, uh, coming out. Make sure you're subscribed to that video Siri's.

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