Cabergoline Bodybuilding

Cabergoline, an ancillary used to lower high levels of Prolactin, is sometimes mistakingly used. Dr Tim explains why and when you should use Cabergoline Bodybuilding for Progesterone and Prolactin.

Cabergoline bodybuilding

What would cause me to take Cabergoline? I’m taking it for sexual benefits, but its also used in steroid cycles to prevent gyno and other estrogen related side effects from prolactin.

I wasn’t taking Trenbolone at the time of this blood test but I was taking Cabergoline.


When Do You Need Cabergoline?

Ok so, first off. Any use of any of these ancillaries drugs should be met by a blood test. So don’t just take them preventively or proactively – there has to be a reason.

First, let’s talk about symptoms. But even the symptoms have to be backed up by a blood test. So if you feel symptoms of gynecomastia, low libido or sexual dysfunction than the two most common culprits are estradiol or prolactin or both. So you should definitely get that checked.

The second is, know which drugs do which to each of these. A drug like Testosterone obviously turns into estrogen. If you raise the estrogen to very high levels for a prolonged period of time it can cause prolactin to go up. In severe cases, it can immediate gynecomastia. If we take a drug like Nandrolone or Trenbolone, these are what we call progesterone derivates. Now you are getting progesterone mediated high prolactin.

The unfortunate thing is that we have no way to control progesterone. There is no progesterone blocker, which means we have to control the prolactin. The way you control Prolactin with aromatise agents you control the estrogen. The way you control it with Trenbolone or Nandrolone is you control the prolactin with cabergoline bodybuilding.

Again, you want to only use it when you absolutely have to. Every person is different, we all have different receptor activity. Some guys are more prone to it.

In my observations it’s overstated, most guys don’t have a problem with prolactin. They think they do because all the broscience says that’s what it is.


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