Why Washing Your Hands is Important?

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washing your hands. It's something I'm really *** about. Something I'm known for, especially after the gym. I always wash my hands, and I always make sure everybody else and girls get really annoyed at. They act like I'm calling him dirty when I'm telling you to wash your hands don't realize. And I'm not a hypochondriac. Well, I don't have a mental disorder where I feel like after washing my hands all the time, but oh my gosh, Jim, or plus places in public number One way you're gonna get sick is by touching something that has a bacteria virus, fungus, something and then touching your face. And it's inevitable, eventually going to touch your face. Eventually, somehow your hand's gonna touch something else. It's gonna comment. Talk your face. So I mean, I know it sounds kind of handle, but it's also how I prevent getting sick. And it's also some of the people, especially staff and friends, that refused to wash their hands. They're always and when it comes to try and be successful, you've got to remove road blocks like that. They're going to eat up your time. Being sick is a major hindrance to success because you don't feel is good, you won't perform is mentally as well, and you will be wasting time towards addressing your sickness. Then you will be a success. As you get through the day, your hands pick up oil and sweat. And then when you go to shake someone's hand, it feels like you're nervous. And I don't want to feel nervous because then the other person subconscious mind you're trying to do business. Whether connect with Says, Why is this person nervous? And it feels weird to shake your hand. You want your hands feel dry and warm and soft when you shake someone else's hand? Well, that sounds crazy, but when you're working at a high level success and networking with very successful people, these with little things that other successful people pick up on when they're judging you. So when you wash your hands, you make your hands dryer and less clammy, less sticky, and it'LL make an impression on someone else. Hey, hey,

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