Why You Should Walk Faster

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one thing you'LL notice that successful people have in common is they usually walk faster. Spend a lot of time transporting ourselves from point A to point B, and we get things accomplished at point A. We get things accomplished to Point B, and usually walking him between for most people is wasted time. If you want to minimize wasted time, obviously walk faster and get the point. Be quicker. Now there is a contradicting theory of Stop to smell the roses and appreciate every moment and live in the moment and appreciate the journey. But when it comes to walking in when we spend so much time walking and when you can just a CZ well, fully appreciate your surroundings while walking faster, then why not walk faster? Also, you'LL notice in when you're in public and you see people that walk very slowly, they usually don't have anything going on there, usually not accomplishing anything. They're usually moving down in life instead of up in life. So even if you wanted to walk slower, if you want to have the impression in other people's mind that you are a successful person, then walk faster and I don't mean be a spazz about it. I don't mean like sprinting are running, although if you want to know how weird I am. My theory when I was younger was that because I wanted to minimize transportation time walking. I used to sprint from one place to another, just like a child just runs for no reason. And everybody's looking at me like, Why the hell is this guy running? In fact, they used to call me Forrest Gump in school because yet that young oven aged, I realized how much time we spent walking from class to class and so I would sprint. I also treated it like exercise, because walking does burn like a little bit of fat. But it has really no other benefits than maybe lowering insult a little bit. Bring a little bit of fat if you sprint. There's tremendous health, better efforts, and then somewhere in between, if you speed Walk also has a lot more health benefits than just walking. So for three reasons one, because you'LL actually get places faster and accomplished more to because you'LL look more successful and more important because you have somewhere to be and three for the health benefits. There's three good reasons to walk faster. My friend's freedom. Hey, hey,

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