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We're gonna go over. Just a quick overview of the benefits of wind straw. And then in future, videos will get into more advanced topics. Class is in session. My winstrol experience is that i took it very high dosage a long time ago and i didn't feel very good on it, but more recently, i've taken it in smaller dosage is right up before bodybuilding competition, and i noticed an immediate effect in my body. My body looked harder, my body looked drier and my body looked tighter, like the muscles were getting more dense. So i definitely see the benefit in using wind straw and either a sport where someone is trying to keep their strength or maintained muscle while not putting on any more body weight or not putting on water for stern athlete that has to make weight, and also in bodybuilding to maintain this shredded, dry vascular look when getting on stage, but because it can't be run for a very long period of time and because it starts working so quickly in the future, i'm going to use it much closer to the bodybuilding competition like two weeks out toe watch my body instantly transform in two weeks to get that bodybuilder physique guru amine, would you please to explain to the class what you think the benefits of winstrol are i think, when it wish will gives you an extremely lean muscle. There's no water there's for for women, though there can be some some mass immunization side effects. Clitoral enlargement. Acne is one of them. Hair loss is one of them and they get it pretty quickly. He said that the effect start too quick and they start to kick in really quick. But overall we're talking really good. Lean muscle it's it's known that famous sprinter canadian sprinter ben johnson showed a positive in the olympics for winstrol because it does make you faster. It makes you stronger and it does it by keeping your weight low. Anybody who has ever seen him could see in time magazine. How clear the head he was the second place american sprayer. So it's it's using multiple different sports for bodybuilding. It's a great pre contest. I would say that it's mandatory for pre contest coach trevor, would you explain to the class what your opinion of the benefits of winstrol are ? Same thing it's, though i use it for the water effects. The drying there's. Really ? Nothing like it to dry you out the way winstrol does it. Is actually really good with strengthening, but the problem is, if you were to run it for a long period of time, the strength gain is kind of overshadowed by the joint pain and the ickiness. Um, so the only reasons i use it in the offseason is to keep you lean, but i go on and off of the drug, so i might do a few days during the week of it and then a few days off it because of that effect, but pre contest there's, nothing else like it, you know ? They always bring up the halo testing for trying you out, but if it's not broke, don't fix it. I gotta agree with one hundred percent to it does it does dry, rejoins quite a bit, and you notice that a lot more free contest time than you do off season it if you're going to take it off season, you know, it's, not something you want to rely alive, okay ? Class. So i think next time you'll get that right, and we're going to do some more future sessions on more advanced topics, comparing winstrol and other drugs, giving you exact protocols to use it. In the difference and how a male versus female may use it. So class be swell. In seoul, friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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