Worst Bodybuilding Foods | Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed is going to give us his opinion on the WORST bodybuilding foods. These types of foods are sometimes the foods that people actually think are healthy! (Like protein bars…)

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What's your opinion on the worst bodybuilding food? Oh, well, trying a protein bar right here instead, what are the worst bodybuilding foods? I'm Dr Tony. Huge here with Aaron. Read the world's tallest bodybuilder. What's your opinion on the worst bodybuilding foods that people maybe think are healthy body building our fitness foods, but actually aren't? Okay, First of all, I would say, for the most part, the combinations of foods that people put together drive me crazy, literally drives me crazy like I don't mix my sugars and fast There's a reason for that. Wrote a whole book on it. Why you shouldn't do that if it comes down to a new tree time. We can talk about that right now, but that's plenty. The biggest thing. The second, like protein bars. Hey, people I've had clients before, tell me, give them their diet plan and say, Oh, well, kinda protein bar right here instead. And it's you know, it's just this, you know, Quest Bar. Or it's this, uh, Clif Bar or it's this Luna bars just ***. And I'm like, No, if I tell you to eat food, I want you to eat food. Only reason you would eat a protein bar as if there's nothing else. Okay. All right. Those air. Not a staple for your nutrition, right? There's no pro body builders out there or pro athletes out there eating a *** bar every day in their meal plan. But you're crazy. If you think that you're going to get there, that's like your way of lying to yourself. Say, Oh, yeah, it's healthy, You know? I'm gonna get in shape like I did residency *** candy bar and call it good. So there's that.

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