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Dr Tony Huge here. Enhanced athlete dot com got a very special guest for you. This is Sean, known as wicked Sean Team Wicked is a coach bodybuilding fitness, and he has a very interesting approach to dieting. And he prepares competitions, you know, females, working females, females. Also, he's well known for flexible dieting. This is a topic that I've been meaning to talk about a lot on my channel because I personally don't believe in it. I'm a skeptic, but this guy comes in some of the best condition I have ever seen. A follow on instagram, and he posts pictures of eating like hamburgers and ice cream cookies and cake. And I'm like, How are you doing that and maintaining this condition you ran? It seems like you're in this condition. Bodybuilder. Stage condition all year round. I don't feel that you have to change course. I eat that majority of time, but that was another two free meals a day meeting some stuff don't hop tires or protein shakes, and a lot of it is protein style. But I'm making fun with my recipes. I'd liketo have a gross science if you want to call it that which is the chicken rockers? Look, I think that, you know, And as you said, you know, that's a lot of diving. We're going to get into a lot more detail with Sean in the future. But for today's video, I just want to touch on a couple of topics that we're gonna be following up with Sean about number one is is it's It's your macros. Inflexible dieting are those the same thing? There's a little difference to some coaches, but for myself, where I put my client's must've liked that one's. So you were saying somebody's not looking and just a little help back. Sauvignon sidelights accident call. You know if it fits your back so you have a matter amount that I'm gonna give you, and it's like a daily amount of grams of protein and carbs fat. But you can get it from different sources in different times of the day. Yeah, exactly seconds. Certain clients. I guess I'm not. I'm not seven. You're somebody that no, let's say this is a low amount, less sex with you, and you decided we should I want a burger today. That's great. You're going to get majority Republican. I'm burning the fries. You might only have two meals that, but if that's really want, go ahead and do that. You have what you want, really? So where does intermittent fasting if your last meal for that particular right there? That's exactly something like that that I would commit, obviously going to have to mills. So why not have that fast? And then, literally, you're going to have that burger with that burger. Fries are pizza, whatever it is that you desire, that's how you have working and intermittent fasting. That's kind of a whole nother topic, but that's a beautiful thing. Not getting about. You do it, but it's a great thing. Intermixed with booth metabolism. Body gets used to eating two thousand calories extra today. So you have come to understand that eight thousand ten thousand. Whatever the cows you're taking in, nobody I can tell. We're gonna have some really good conversation with Shawn because I am against for bodybuilders intermittent fasting. I'm against flexible variety I'm against. If it fits, you're back Rose. And yet the proof is in the putting. This guy and his clients are experiencing great results from those styles of diet. So that's what this channels all about is exposing the truth by giving you full sides of the story. So through these conversations will get back. I've been working in my kitchen like allowed, trying to come up with foods that are delicious but also healthy and fit the bodybuilder lifestyle. And I'm having a heck of a hard time. You've already paid the path. You've already figured out a whole bunch of recipes that people can use that fit into a bodybuilder tired on. And you've posted pictures of him. They were absolutely delicious on Instagram. So you're gonna be coming out with the books. It's like, Yeah, I'm gonna have chicken rights, right? That's so boring. Why not make it chicken fried rice from happy healthy? And it makes you think you're having your Chinese who now you're having a completely healthy home or you know something? That's this one Chinese who talking about fifteen hundred dollars. No, you home because you learned how to make it talking about your normal three, five hundred hours, you know, maybe six hundred for this guy, whatever the case and the last thing Sean, your girlfriend is actually competing. Tio watch. Yes, we're going to be really interested in watching what it's like. Tio relationship to business people that lifestyle's all about really follows anybody that's Chinese healthy. Of course. You know, try to inspire your better half, Let's say, because honestly, when when I'm coming home China, my free meal or flexible diving on DH, she's over there. Any pizza everyday? Are burger every day? Not saying that? I'm saying that I don't have those on a daily basis. It would be hard to come in. Stick to one thing other. I can't even have dinner for her something for something. Realistically, it's It's a beautiful thing to have people kind of live the same life and so supported. Well, thanks for visiting all the way from spots Day off. So forward to seeing you here again soon, where we could get more detail about flexible dieting, intermittent fasting, what it's like to be in a fitness relationship and every other thing anybody could want to know about bodybuilding nutrition that you can actually live with. Thanks

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