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Y k eleven and my Oh Staten inhibiting compounds, causing joint intendant weakness. Specifically, what was your question? And how did this come up? Chris? Yeah. So my question is, if you take Y k eleven, obviously you're lowering the mice That in which I've read a few studies, seem some videos online saying that there's a lot of danger of ligament damage, tendon damage, tearing things like that. But such a new drug is there actually credible studies out? That's Warren. There's credible studies done on the Mile Stan inhibiting part. There's actually that Japanese study that we did way posted while we were in Taiwan. And there's a direct correlation with Y k eleven and how it lowers mild side so it does directly inhibit it directly in him. It's, I believe it was thinking back now, about three times of what did she could possibly do to it on DH that was both in and every study with combined with DHD and by itself placebo. What? Not now, when you're talking about Mile Stan inhibiting our inhibitors and tendon strength, what the big study was done on that was it's ah, mile satin inhibitor, and I don't believe it was the full of static. It was just a reduction in the study. Was the reduction of Mile Stein in the mice itself? And what happened over a long period of time was a ten and straight weekend, and I think it was a pretty large number. It was actually a pretty large scale number. However, this was also, if I'm not mistaken over a two year period of the life life's the rat's life span. So you're gonna take away completely, Ah hormone or a regulator mile stand from the organism for its entire life span. And you're gonna have weak in a weak and tendons from this. That to me would make one hundred percent sense. You're taking something completely away from organism. You're gonna have a side effect now weakening the ten. And how much would it D ?'Oh, by lowering your miles, stand by seventy five percent one hundred fifty percent for a short period of time. I don't think it would be anything more dangerous than taking steroids and increasing a muscle size faster than you are growing your tenant size. So I think it does. But I don't think it would be that worry about until we can get to putting a virus attached to ah, full of sad or mile satin inhibitor, we start creating the genes yourself and eliminating Mile sad for good in your body. If we wanted to be extremely cautious in a row to the side of caution, would we change the way that we train if we're using a milestone inhibiting compound? And is there anything else we could add in to help mitigate the potential weakening of the tendons while taking a Y K eleven or other myo stand inhibiting compound? The biggest saying number one is always being warm, always being warm. You could be warm on the outside, but inside, yeah, inside, still being cold in your tendons are going to start constricting. When they start constructing, you start lifting. The potential for injury is it's tremendously different now. The other big thing to have any you're taking any kind of mile sudden inhibitor. The biggest things you could Dio are what are the building blocks of tendons where the building by small these things we talk about this all the time. I always repeat it is things like M S M. The control and glucose to mean those. You're number one building blocks of this stuff, right? And then you have the other signals, which are TV five hundred. This is to make actually more elastic BBC, which actually hills these things and causes growth similar to growth hormone growth hormone causes ligaments actually grow as well. So if you give it all the nutrients it needs to grow and be strong, and then you're giving them the signal Er's and the growth hormones and these peptides that air signalling the brain to release the same to start the work it'LL utilize. Now the new strands and those will start happening. You'll start strengthening probably faster than what you would think the miles that would be lowering it from. And, you know, there's other things in there like the colleges college ends another big one. But you see what I'm getting at being at the new tramps and then the hormones in the signal. Er's you guys know how we went out of these experiments on ourself? I just stepped up to an extremely high dosage of Y k eleven. I'm doing ten pills from a nasty athlete like a eleven. Her night right before bed, which is fifty milligrams of Y K eleven. So let's see what happens if I notice any joint tendon weakening. Let's see if I noticed explosive muscle size and I'll report back to you guys so stay student and subscribe to watch future videos and experiment Be swollen, swollen. My friends of Freedom Pioneers Mid evolution Yes, some abed section with this approach is in my wallet and I'm flexing it for else. Rice ration rice I love by Yukio here fronting with cash is getting moody over here, hon. It's on my bed section with roses in my water.

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