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finally going over. This is my lab work from doing why K eleven experiment, which is not technically a star, but we call it a storm selective androgen receptor modulators that it has a different mechanism of action than most other storms, mostly othersarms, air anabolic and the androgen receptor. Y K eleven is not anabolic and the androgen receptor. It works outside the energon receptor to increase fall Staten or reduce my oh Staten and therefore caused muscle growth through a completely different mechanism of action. I've had a lot of questions about why K eleven that nobody can answer for me because there is no not very many studies on Y K eleven. So I went and got my lab work done before and after, and this is August fourteenth in August twenty first, I had my lab work done on Y k eleven. I did a P. C. T. One week before I started taking the Y K eleven and I did AA heavy PC to protocol that got my testosterone up to one thousand six hundred point six seven n g per D l of testosterone. That's super high. That's on P. C. T. That's not taking any testosterone, and my free testosterone was fifteen point five zero. And then afterwards, after one week on Y K eleven one week on the enhanced athlete Y K eleven, my testosterone was so suppressed it was one tenth it dropped. What does that make it drop? A ninety percent drop in testosterone in one week on Y K eleven. I was still on pct, but it was the white key eleven was strong enough to suppress me, even despite the pct. So my testosterone, my free testosterone after one week, which was August uh twenty first was seven point one six. And just so you know how low that is, every testosterone the range is four point five to forty two. That's kind of a ridiculous range, but that's what they use in Mexico. This is when I got this on on the testing done in Mexico so clearly Y K eleven is is really suppressive to testosterone. Um, I did a video before where I said maybe y k eleven would be good for me to run during P. C. T or run between cycles. But it is now my opinion that Y K eleven from my body. I would rather run it while I'm on cycle is part of a stack to use as the synergy between different compounds that have different mechanism of action. So I don't have to take so much of one substance, which is much healthier for my body. I don't want to take a whole bunch of anabolic CE and then ignore all the other growth factors that I could be using and taking low doses of things to be much more conservative with my health. So the good question that just popped up on the live? I'm glad I do the live, so I see what you guys are thinking is, he said. He's on so many Dr Hughes on so many things. How does he know what really is doing what? Well, I was on the same pct before the first blood test and then I did the Y K eleven, and that's the only thing that changed during that week. So I did isolate the Y K eleven Now. I don't know if there's any other potential factors that could have played into it, but at that difference between sixteen hundred all the way down to one hundred fifty, uh, as my total testosterone because freaked. Oh, yeah, total testosterone was one hundred and fifty, so it dropped ninety percent. I'd say that's got to be the white K eleven. So it's just a warning about the side effect of y k eleven and how I'm gonna implement it in. Oh, what's the dozing? See, I'm glad. That's why I'm glad to do live the dozing Wass is, um I actually switched. I started it one pill five times per day. And then I did two pills, four times per day at the end. So I worked my way up to eight pills per day spread throughout the day, which I know is a ridiculously high dose. But that's what I wanted to do within a short period of time to see if I would experience testosterone suppression. Maybe it was the Austrian. Okay, good point. I was running Austrian during the pct, but that didn't change. I was on. I was on, uh, ten or twenty milligrams of Austrian before the before, before I got my blood test on with sixteen hundred pc uh, total testosterone. So which actually answered another experiment, which was how suppressive is a low dose of Austrian during P E. C T. And I took twenty milligrams of Austrian up the end, and my testosterone was still really high. So twenty milligrams of Austrian didn't suppress me or wasn't enough to overcome the stink, the testosterone production stimulating properties of the PCT things I was taking. What's the difference between free testosterone in total testosterone? So I had sixteen hundred total testosterone and only one hundred shoot I had. Let's go, Let's go to win my testosterone dropped because that's what blood work I have here on this screen. I had seven point one six free testosterone, one hundred fifty total testosterone. So, as you could see, a large portion of the testosterone flowing through my body was actually bound to sex hormone binding globulin, which renders it useless. So that's what counts for the difference. It's almost always that, like ten percent of your testosterone, roughly is is free testosterone, and the rest is just useless. One of the reasons why people don't realize how weak testosterone is as an anabolic compared to other things, because testosterone converts to desktop toe estrogen and to DHT, and it gets eaten up by sex hormone binding globulin versus some of the other steroids don't. So you can't compare dosage dosage between testosterone and other things. Uh, I'll finish up with this one other question because I was just going to report really quick my fast findings on, like, eleven. Then I got caught up in the live is what's the next experiment? I'm on P C t right now. I'm just taking two Austrian in the morning and tor machine. I'm not even taking HCG. I'm taking Clomid and Viagra Sallis or a switch between Viagra and Levitra. That's it. That's my peach. P C T and D H e A. I take fifty milligrams of d a at night jaws. Thank you very much. Uh, thank you, guys for your participation and be swollen swole, my friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution

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