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it was going to blow your mind and I had to get to it. Right now I can't wait. So we're gonna talk while we're walking in Taiwan to the train to get to the gym about why K eleven y K eleven is reported to be a sorry. A lot of people calling us are definitely not a star. It's a DHT steroid, but the most powerful component of the Y K eleven is the Myo Staten Inhibiting Properties. Now, for those of you who follow bodybuilding science, you'LL know that my oh Staton is the potential future of becoming superhuman with minimal effort and looking like a body builder and makes you grow like a weed. It's the limiting. It's the rev limiter on how much muscle we can put on. So especially for those of us who already have an appreciable about muscle, it really helps us get to the next level. Problem is, a lot of the injectable miles Staten inhibitors don't work. There's some studies that show that the ones they use in the studies work, but all of the ones that are being sold or that they say they're made from the US or not. We still have yet to see one that works really well, although enhanced athletes going to continue to investigate experiment with him. For now, Y K eleven appears to be the most powerful. Why my host? An inhibitor that we've scene? Uh, there's just brown algae and all these over the counter supplements that people take that sound promising on paper. But we have yet to see any real results from him. Now. Y k eleven. There's some real results and it works. But you you think it works because it works on the androgen receptor? Not true. It works only because the myostatin limiting. In fact, when they did the study of why K eleven and took out the Myo Staten inhibiting abilities of it, it didn't work at all. Which means something is going on on the androgen receptor and my host an inhibiting. Trevor finally has a theory to explain this, and it's going to get a little complicated. And this is our theory. This is this is our inferences made upon the studies that we've made in our personal experimentation with it. Trevor, what do you think about why y k eleven and how we should actually use it. The protocol that works best with it It works by increasing full of set and fullest. That is what actually blocks my time from being produced and gets rid of it. So the more full of sand you have the last miles that you have more muscle, you're going to grow Even that calorie deficits mile sans the thing that increases as you put on more muscle because it's not fundamentally beneficial to have more muscle. Didn't should. You ever just asked me if I started this new protocol he prescribed from your white eleven last night said no, because I just started DNP last night. I'm starving myself to maybe get ready for a bodybuilding show in about a week, because that's about how long I need to get ready for a show. And he said, Well, I should have taken it I said, What's the point of taking something that's meant to put on muscle? What I'm in such a deep caloric deficit? It gets rid. It gets rid like you said of the red limiter. So you, your body's ability to put on muscle like when you first start putting on muscle. How fast. You put it on right, they've shown. And Harper said, true Ma sat levels are lower. The more muscle you put on the higher your mile satin is because any more muscle you start putting on gets in the way of anything in life, and we're still came in and we were swan to nutrition. Two drugs the same way as Cape Man are designed to were not this evolved species yet. So when you think about hunting, what two hundred fifty pound, muscle bound guy going to be able to do hunting? You can't hunt. You can't do anything, can't run. He's useless. So that's what the Rev limiter factors for. So it's tricking this and one of the things about, like eleven. They call him Sarma. It's not its arm. It's a partial, partially bound to the engine receptor, meaning just put in terms of think of nobody axe. It will, because it's a synthetic synthetically designed hormones than a national hormone has a higher binding affinity. So what it will dio is bind to the Andrew receptor kickoff, whatever is on there, and these are all backed up by studies, by the way, this's a theory or you'LL kick off whatever is bound like this sausage takes, those are takes its place. And because it's only partially bound acts like a like a cirm, it's actually acting as the antagonists. And what this means is I give the example Kyoto, Stephan and Clenbuterol. It's binding to this and that engine. A receptor starts coming refreshed and more sensitive to Andrews. So while it's bound your increasing sensitivities, Andrews and it's pathways meeting, mediating the mile Stan has both on the ingenue receptor level and outside of the engine receptor. They don't know how to increase its fullest and yet, but it does so because of the shore active life of, like, eleven. The theory that came up with this taking it before bed because let's say you get a eight hour sleep and active life is two hours or three hours maximum of the white. You take a higher dose of this stuff to increase the first time as high as you possibly could, and once it's increase you, it's out of your body. It starts leaving the answer receptor, and then whatever hormones you are taking their fooling around in your bloodstream, well, then go and buy into the receptor again. So now you have an increased full of set production halfway through your sleep with the engines in your body and those Andrew and they're going to stimulate the growth of a full set of President mile sounds that it's so this also could have some application during pct post cycle therapy, which is after a steroid cycle. One of the goals of P. C. T. Is to re sensitize the androgen receptor to androgens for the next cycle, because the theory is that you stay and you take steroids and, like any drug, become desensitized to it. You come off the drug, maintain the games. He regained the sensitivity. Get back on the drug now for people like me, I don't ever want to take a step backwards. That's what I did for my first steroid cycles. I did not like the roller coaster of losing a bunch of size, gaining a bunch of size, losing much size. I'm in this to maintain, uh, awesome Fizzy every day of the year. So what I'm gonna be using, like, a eleven if I'm going to do Pee City and I'm gonna come off everything I'm going to use it to re sensitize the energy receptor while still staying anabolic, etc. On the anabolic matrix, we have these different columns. This is our theory of bodybuilding. That's revolutionizing industry right now is you have the Energon column. You have the growth hormone calling The Insulin column, the MYOSTATIN column, all these different columns. And the goal is to have synergy between these different columns not to take a whole bunch of steroids and one column, because there's a law of diminishing returns anew. One column and there's synergy between each one. But there's also ways to cycle between the different columns. So if we can come off the steroids but then go on growth hormone weaken state very anabolic, not lose money. I mean, who's, uh you lose a lot of money taking growth hormone because it could be very expensive. Uh, not lose bustle, actually, Maybe even gain muscle while re sensitizing androgen receptors, the same theory I have with new tropics of switching to three and three different compounds two days on one new Tropic two days on another two days, another. That way you stay enhanced all the time, and you're letting different parts of the brain re sensitized. So Y K eleven is going to be part of my protocol in my athletes protocol as an experiment at first, until we prove this theory is correct, where we come off, the energy ends, we go on the white k eleven, which acts is the Anderson Receptor antagonist was gonna block the effectiveness of other energies. And yet we're going to stay anabolic won't even be able to build muscle on it. And then when we go back to the androgens, we have this rebound of super sensitivity and build muscle from the energon zzzz. Well, so the white k eleven khun be used in a long term fashion like during a whole pct, like as a cycle like taking multiple times per day throughout the day, taking the y k eleven. That's how you do it on a long pct cycle, like taking four pills a day spread throughout the day, or it can be used on cycle where we take it right before bed or right before work out, or actually, maybe two hours before a workout would probably be best on where you take all the four pills at once, and the reason I came up with before bed. If you were to take this before workout and it's still in the engine receptor, you're not getting all the strength and all the fat burning benefits the steroids would give you during a workout. So that's the key there. My oh satin and growth. If you look at growth, we grow still till this day in our sleep, and that's one of the benefits of growth hormone is taking. A lot of it puts your brain kind of in that state of sleep, which is why you're always tired. So you're still actually growing while you're awake. Not as fast as you would in your sleep when everything shuts down, but that's when you grow the most. So the theory is, take it when you don't need the antigen receptor as much as you would need them. I understand because you're going to grow the most during that time of year, and you're still going to kick over in a few hours back to your normal state, and there's going to be leaving the answer or set there, bring up your soft another thing so hopefully we have a future video where this experiment goes successful. Where I run twenty milligrams of Y K eleven before bed every night. And then also where one of our athletes who is going to do a pct runs twenty milligrams spread in four dosages, which is four pills spread throughout the day during P C. T. Two different protocols. That and then back to the study because we did find the actual studies on it. I was arguing with him that never found an actual concrete study that, like eleven, increases miles that nobody has ever hosted a link to it. There's never been a link you could go check online any research place. There's never Ling and I finally found the study about the study and we found it. So the key parts of this is the actual increase of mild sentence to the threefold increase that of the H team. So, steed there was a placebo as well DC increase at two to three full and then the white eleven increased the DHD to three full without even being on J T. So they'd even do a synergy between them. Good timing. We get in the train station now heading to the gym to work out with some of the fitness celebrities of Taiwan learned from each other. Pass on our knowledge ofthe pioneering human evolution. Be swollen school, my friends a freed up Okay, space.

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