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What about two to three u of h gh and wanted to insulin three to five times per day works? Steve said that works. Do you still have any tension? Days? Four times. Five times in three to five times per day, three or four times that. It's eight units of growth. Yeah, you're big. You're big. Do you still use your him by? Yes, Yes, I love you. Him by me too. I wish you'd take it. Take it more often. The promise they don't want to take it with food. And I don't Haven't been really excited about fasting in the morning. Like way have been eating a lot of cereal. So what I do is because I trained fast. Take about ten milligrams three milligrams of wolf Sign like a sister. A sister drug over your Yeah, I'll feel him. So you take that together is a product from our taxes as a combination both. Then I do my fasted cardio. Okay, Chad growth. So get liberalizes effect And then you have mine blocks that from Big re absorbed so suddenly in the morning Fuckload of energy If you If you're fat Captain Of course, If you're only working hard So I take a shadow growth immigrants your wolfson Then I'LL go train Just go. So you lift weights on your combined also? Yeah, That's why I am not a big fan of cardio. That's hard for me. Lift lifting weights on your him by my blood. Sugar goes all over, I get lightheaded. It's nothing, but you don't treat fast. Uh, some Some time I tried to him by faster, but maybe it's the dosage. How much you owe him by scent. Okay, Yeah. I tried to take fifteen milligrams, but producing and I think I mean your your insulin sensitivity is very, very good. I think it's more than that. You have a job or mine for sure, because when you told me about going high five, you get it. He has different insulin sensitivity changes. Yeah, that's pretty consistent. So And which croaks the vomiting? Would you use insulin when cutting? Yeah, because if you use your log, it's a four hour thing and you can still lose body fat water. Using good is insolent attached to your muscle receptor factors. And I think a lot of people make this mistake sour fusing can't body found? No. Just where does he go? Where with? Nutrients grow. So So you take insulin comity before they work out. Muscle contraction. That's the carnitine into muscle for that later to castles. You're creating a whole Fatburger. Okay, Do you take the carnitine, orel, and then inject the insular? Do you inject Carter, Have access to inject. And in this religion from stands alone Stanzel words because you and you have a comment and you have room left in the needle, so you might as well fill it up with a way to look at it This way. If you can fit like four, five species of water based stuff into a syringe, you inject it on one time instead of spreading it around cradle of Sparta. He had mentioned that trend alone caused his voice to become much lower. And I don't like trend blown side effects. But I was one of yours. I would love a lower voice. I would love a deeper voice. Can I inject trend directly in my throat for the local effect of opening my voice without like choosing me on to do is you just rub it on her first real jail on and then I just played. You got the localized to think. All right, Fred. Below Invoice Coming Soon. Be Swelled. Sold my friends.

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