YouTube Channel terminated-banned??

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Let's talk about the mindset for success using a Realtor time really world example that's happening to me right now, and that is that my enhanced athlete YouTube channel has been shut down by the powers that be now. Some people would say, Ho, it's the end. Oh, they would feel all this emotion. They take a bunch of drugs to get out of the mindset to get rid of the pain. They would think that their entire future is over with. They would spend time on emotion instead of action. What do I do? I spend thirty seconds letting my heart rate elevate, get a little bit of an adrenaline rush, and then I channel that energy towards moving forward and then I think is important is really important the way I think. I think it happened for a reason. It happened because I am better and I am bigger than YouTube. How is that possible? YouTube is the biggest media outlet in the world. YouTube's getting much more censored there, deleting lots of videos. They're flagging lots of videos. I've had a lot of flat videos flagged in the past and they're not dangerous, harmful videos. It's that it's information that they don't want people to know. Well, a lot of the information that I want to convey is people that the government, the media and the feminine it's he's don't want people to know. So I'm limited by YouTube. And if it was for YouTube continuing with the channel, which, of course would love to get channel back, absolutely. But if it was for me living within that limitation of YouTube, I can never grow past that. There's so much that I wanna teach you guys that I'm learning as I travel the world and network with the underground community who's already figured out chemical and human and Hanson and how to become super human decades and decades beyond anything you read in the magazines or see on TV or anything that the media would want you to know is available out there, and I have this information available to me and I can't share it with you. I can't share with you because the media outlets Facebook instagram uh, snapchat and YouTube are all censored. They've all deleted many, many of my posts. So what does this do? It forces me to find a way to get you this information because I'm passionate about it and I won't stop. So instead of taking a day, a week, a month, a year to move backwards and feel sorry for what happened with YouTube taking an ant's athlete down, I am instantly in go mode thinking, How else could I get my message out? How else could I get Mohr uncensored content to you? And how else can I fight back against censorship and against control and open your minds? You can improve your quality of life and then pass on the message to other people. How can we build our community stronger with more information, more passion, more freedom? I certainly can't do it with in YouTube. And so this is forcing me to think outside of YouTube happened for a reason, and I don't spend a lot of time with emotion on it. I find it solutions. That's too successful mindset. That's the same mindset of applied to every problem that I've seen in my life. Now it helps being thirty five years old and having been hit with something of this similar magnitude, dozens and dozens of times in the past as a trial lawyer on, then what I did before I was a trial lawyer and then beginning enhanced athlete and dealing with all the challenges of that. It's been a really challenging road, but I wouldn't have it any other way because if it wasn't challenging, it wouldn't be rewarding every day as a human being. If you want to transcend and you want to be successful, it's war. There's no relaxing and being comfortable. You, Khun, tease yourself. You can play a mind game with yourself. Oh, if I just worked so hard, I'LL be able to retire, but you don't get that as an entrepreneur. You don't get retirement when you have the mindset that I have. You work until you die, because if you're not working for money, you're working for principal passion, and even if you obtain your goal, you still wouldn't be satisfied. You would still want more. That's the mindset. That's the mindset that keeps you from just getting to a place of comfort and then just sitting there, never growing constant growth means constant stimulation and constant challenge and never getting comfortable. I think that the reason you tube leading my account within my sick, narcissistic twisted way is because I got too comfortable. YouTube was getting almost easy for me to grow on you, too. So now it's time for a more challenging scenario. How Doe I grow on audience on a media that's uncensored and how do I get my messages? So that's the next puzzle. I'm looking forward to solve. It be swollen, swollen, my friends afraid of pioneers, human evolution.

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