Day 33 | Dr. Tony Huge | Road to Olympia Series

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thirty three days out. It's a rest day today, no working out, because today's a massage day and then a travel day. We didn't have six eggs for breakfast and beat with trying to keep the cars with fat. Protein is so high this morning I took twenty five milligrams of in a bar on DH. Er, what else take, uh, you know, since I had a testosterone shot yesterday, I don't feel like I really need. I've got a nice high level of testosterone in my body. I don't really need to take a lot today, but I packed for Vyron just in case the like. It's delayed or whatever that I could pop some provider and keep my energy level really high. I used three units of growth hormone this morning, and then for the next thirty six hours, I won't be taking hormones, and I did a little bit of Atlanta. That's why my skin is ready and glowing, because I wanted to use it up before I get back to us. Part of our rest and relaxation is watching the bikini contest on after this gonna be more bad, burned off with an apple on a dinner and then, uh, bed early to catch up on rest the just get on with the radio frequency, fat burning session and show results. And probably a couple weeks for dinner. We had a salmon and chicken and salad and cake.

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