Day 35 | Dr. Tony Huge | Road to Olympia Series

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thirty five days out This morning I had four whole eggs on a scuba protein powder, coffee and two bowls of rice cereal with almond milk. Three work out, and now I'm taking peptides taking h mg keep testicular function going. I'm taking g f l r three, two hundred micrograms. Very high dosage on DH. This's the cab. Reject him and inject directly into the triceps. Today I'm experimenting with each muscle. Receive outlooks. Well, I'm on the when I'm on the cab. Reject And I work out to see how long the pump class and how how confined it stays to that muscle groups so it can teach people how to use it for bodybuilding competitions, five units, a growth hormone and five units of rapid insulin. Three work out. I'm going to bring the cab. Rejected the gentleman load a syringe of free into the gym objective immediately. Pre workout arrest of this stuff. I'm taking about forty minutes pre workout. Oh, for steroids. This morning. I just took twenty five milligrams Vanna, draw. I don't know in a bar and twenty milligrams of fostering. And, uh, I'll decide if I want to take any other thing I'LL probably take I'LL take forty milligrams of trust alone Acid Tate tablets as well. For lunch, I had two entrees. Chicken on train of the front tray with rice and vegetables for Wei had nice grace. So I start my after lunch treat was a mango ice cream in our eating Eminem. I know the diet's terrible, but why use supplements to make up for it? Because I just love eating this stuff so much. But as it gets closer, the competition I promised I'm gonna show you how I do more of a key toe diet man, how I do more of, uh, cardio and extreme cardio fat loss chemistry that I used to just shred the body back so fast. And I have to worry about the diet thirty six days out, thirty five days out or whatever

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