Day 37 | Dr. Tony Huge | Road to Olympia Series

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coming to the close of day thirty seven, thirty seven days out from Olympia, talking about my diet, training steroid and rests. She could see what progress I make or what I maintain, given the variables. I did not have a nap today. I did sleep plenty. Well, last night. And I'm going to bed early. Last twenty for forty hours. Should be okay. Not optimal, because optimal would've been, uh, have a nap. Uh, figure bodybuilder gets more progress faster. He's trying to make naps, actually make a really big difference. It's one of the oxygen Jim secrets. So my buy steroids today? I didn't inject any steroids. I just took SARS again. Oh, no. I took an fr I took. I took OK? No, I did take steroids. I took forty milligrams of aural trust alone. Acid State free workout. I took fifty milligrams of Navarre before dinner, along with twenty milligrams of twenty three. So looks like this is kind of becoming an S twenty three cycles, but a pretty low dosage, only thinking one today, which has got a short half life. We want to see the effects of the twenty three. I'd be taking it more frequently. My training was lame. I did a chest workout today. It was light. It was medium volumes. That wasn't anyway. And it wasn't high intensity. Gonna have to make up for it tomorrow. Type of workout for my body. How much muscle I have is not gonna make me any progress. No pain, No game thing does apply. And today I didn't feel enough of obtain work out. Uh, the diet wass average. I ate a lot of rice today, uh, which I I can go ahead and keep my form hydrates down. But I ended up taking grow formal twice. Two five minute shots today with five unit sensual in the morning. Three units. Insulin in the afternoon. Maybe. Really hungry. So I ended up meeting a lot of carbohydrates afterwards. Uh, protein. I started drinking protein packed. I rarely use protein powder, but I'm enjoying the convenience. So I had three scoops of protein powder spread out throughout today. Um, my meats or protein sources in the morning was ground beef and the eggs, and then the rest of the day, I've been eating chicken. I'm going to go to the store right now because we're gonna get some cereal and fruit because that's what I crave in the middle of the night. That's when I eat most of my carbs and either gain most of the fat. I gain or prevent a lot of the ballots I could be otherwise getting. That summarizes Day thirty seven. Tomorrow I will index steroids because I'm due for testosterone shot.

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