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Tony, you have enhanced athlete dot com here, coach trevor's changing into swim trunks and when he comes back he's gonna tell us about his twelve hundred milligram dnp cycle. Now, before we did a video with him where he lost two point two pounds of fat per day, doing twelve hundred milligrams of dnp per day for ten days. And what we didn't get into is what the side effects were about, what he really experienced about how potentially miserable or deadly that could be so let's find out from him firsthand what it felt like to do twelve hundred milligrams of dnp and then see if we can convince him to do it on camera twelve hundred milligrams and show you in real time what it feels and looks like when someone does twelve hundred milligrams of dnp. First disclaimer, don't do anything we do. We're professionals. This is not medical advice. This is for informational educational purposes regular. Alright, trevor, tell us the side effects you felt from twelve hundred milligrams of dnp. Ah, good. That was the best way to describe that was his health. You could get us close to hell as you could be. Twelve hundred. You know what ? It was that's what i did, and it felt as close as you could probably get the hell. I'm sure you could get a little bit closer, but like i was telling my friends and, you know, other competitors when i was going through it, i believe it was day eight a day of it. The best way to describe it was i kept telling people i feel like i'm being poisoned, like if someone was trying to kill me, which was essentially myself killing myself, but that's how it felt like i was being poisoned. I was sick just something felt off inside my body. I couldn't wait before we get back to the short term effects you felt that day. I'm so curious what was going through your mind that if you felt like that in the short term, weren't you concerned about your long term health ? Yeah, but i had already seen the studies. I've seen all the studies on that that there were and just like we talked about with the guy, we shot that name there's a lot of info, that is, it wasn't published online that was in the books, textbooks i would just say he's, referring to one of the godfathers of bodybuilding chemistry hoo ah gave us a lot of incredible insider information that probably no one else who's alive today knows the origins of, and we can share some of the information as it comes along. We certainly can't share the identity, but we'll share the bits and pieces of it. Yeah, and i guess the good good news too is he was a close friend, dan. You, shane and they both are the ones. He is the one that got the and ashamed to get dnp out to the public. So that he's basically our contact is the original source of dnp in the bodybuilding community. Bring it to the public. He was the one that brought it to the shame that and then you're referring in you're referring to the fact that even he knows that it's safe. I mean everybody from the beginning of time, it was experienced. Gmp knows that it's a safe compound if used properly. All the medical studies show it's safe the long term. There are some small exceptions that will cover a separate video. So bottom line is you did your research. You felt like no matter what you felt in the short term, it wasn't going to have any negative long term effects. That's what you felt that it might not be the same for everybody guys and some people might have allergic reactions, so don't do what coach trevor does. Okay, so let's, get back to the short term side effects. What you felt that day said it's hell on earth. We're talking body heat now. God, it was it was yeah, it was a constant sweat. There was nothing i could do. I had to sit with a c and fans both directly on me. And if that wasn't the case, i was already sweating. Anything that air wasn't hitting me. I was sweating in that area. And the worst part was, i probably only sleep about an hour and a half, maybe tops today for those ten days. What least eight of them ? Because what would happen i would lay down in my back touching the bed would be completely drenched. That entire part of the bells just drenched and it was hot. And then i would turn around to get away from it. Being so and then the fan's air hitting all the sweat, it would make me cold right there, so there was no up there's, no middle ground. It was just about an hour and a half asleep, and then all the fans constantly going was going into my throw in my mouth. So my mouth not raining anymore, something you don't understand. So my mouth dried out and my throat dried out and they got to the place where i could at the very end, it was right. When i stopped, i couldn't even swallow my food. It was so sore and messed up from all that at the dry air consulate, beating in my face. But that sweat, man, it was just always sweat. You could have easily dehydrated very quickly and die. Um, and that that was another one of me, and i ran it and before that, and so i knew what to expect. And i had the electrolytes cover. I mean, you can't when you're sweating that much, it's hard to stay hydrated, that good. And i mean the methods i had for staying hydrated where it was completely fine. There was no way i could really ? Dehydrate. Unless i went got on a treadmill for a few hours and worked out. That would be the only way i could have. Ah, on cue, onset died, gration. Otherwise, you know, i had i v bags if ever actually happened. So it was i was still doing it orally. But if any of that happened, i started feeling the effect. I'll just hook up some readers, like taking those fine, but about harbor. You know, it's funny. No, i think any heartburn on that they were in some good capsules. They were in some good capsules, but the times i had to take it my original source when it was in the powder form. And you had to measure out the powder and literally eat the powder. Oh, which is awful. And that gave me it was two days of heartburn just from taking the one time. And it was just always there was the acid reflux was the worst. It was always here in your throat. And you had acid puke in of acid. Not fun. So if you're going to take it, make sure it's in the capsule we'll reduce the heartburn and the less you take at once. And another thing. The source i was getting it from. There were seventy five milligram pills, so i was taking, you know, i can't give you the exact number right now off the top of my head. But was seventeen or eighteen pills a day sunset taking mom out once i would just space him through the day. And it makes it a lot easier to control too. You know, you got take freakin eighteen pills against. That does. So is a lot harder. Take more than what you need to take. One of the reasons i decided to do this clip right now is one of our fans, one of our friends of freedom. A lot of you guys report to us, and we learned just as much from you as you learn from us. This is a community of knowledge base that we're sharing he's doing a thousand milligrams a day and he's been doing it for a little while now, he's burning tons of fat and he's he's going to continue doing it because having incredible progress, he's losing huge amounts of fat and his side effects are the same. He's, extremely hot. He could barely sleep, he's drenched in sweat. But in um, i think he's doing it for a few weeks. So if he does it for a few weeks, he'll probably end up have shaving off a cz much fat as if he dieted for about three months. So he's cutting down the the time that it takes to burn that amount of fat that extreme ? Yeah, twelve hundred. I could i could tell you right now, there have been no way i went over ten days. It was just that was what ? The ticking point. I knew something was going on, and i couldn't explain the feeling. And i knew it was time to stop. Anyway. All right, now you said that you would be willing for our audience to take twelve hundred milligrams again on camera, and we have the camera on you all day long and we document. Obviously, we have to take the highlights. No one wants to watch you for fourteen hours on camera. Well, no one wants to watch the types of things that you and i get into fort. Actually, everybody probably wants to see it in the room. But we're going to take the highlights from it so you willing to do that ? And, uh, when do you think would be a good time for that ? Yeah, no, i'm totally willing to do it. So you guys could see on a help, a lot of the people that bashed and he also get to see for themselves, and we could get a lot of hate for that to that's. Always good, but i would do it probably. And late november, early december when it's a lot cooler because then i could actually sleep a little better with the windows open and that's. My biggest thing is, the less sweat, the less problem you have dehydrating. No, i'll be more comfortable doing it then. Okay, one last thought for me. I'm going to get on top of my soapbox here about dnp now have become some kind of martyr for d n p on the internet and worldwide. You wouldn't believe the top level types of people who call me for advice on their d n p cycles or sources for their dnp. So i've definitely wedged myself into dnp history. Ah, and there's still people out there that think dnp is the devil, which blows my mind because now i've got reports from probably around three thousand people who are using dnp, and the reports are about ninety five percent positive. So if dnp is so bad wire ninety five percent of the people using it, saying they love it, saying that it's helping them cure their type two diabetes, helping reset their insulin sensitivity, uh, burned. A lot of people have a really hard time burning fat, and they're able to use dnp to burn fat where nothing else would work for them. And i know that sound. I know a lot of people out there thinking, oh, they probably weren't just dieting. Or they probably it probably could have just been fixed with hormones. No, there there are some people that have some legitimate issue's burning fat that when where dnp is almost one of the only things that works for it. And then there's also people like me who used the mp so they can cheat on their di, eat whatever they want and competing bodybuilding competitions without impairing their lifestyle. So i could travel around the world and eat whatever i want and still be a bodybuilder, not be a slave to the to the sport instead, i am in control of it. So, uh, when you guys comment below about dnp, just keep in mind that if you're saying if you have really negative thoughts about dnp, unless it's based on your personal experience, where you had a really bad experience yourself with the mp, which is very rare, and even then you're probably one of the very few that have some kind of allergic or negative reaction because it's it's not common, that people have very negative reactions, then, you know, careful spreading the negative rumors because that's, what got me interested in dnp in the first place was i saw so much negativity about it, i said, you know what ? When i see that much negativity about something and i know how much misinformation there is in the internet and how many talking heads don't know what the hell they're talking about on the internet and how in correct a lot of people that talk on the forums are i said, i'm gonna look into this more and test it for myself, and the more and more i got into it, the more i realized that ninety five percent of the negative information about dnp on the internet is blatantly just false sensationalist uh, just people getting excited, it's almost like synth all i hate to put you both in the same category, but there's so many sinful haters out there and dnp haters why're you why're we hating it's a tool sinful has, if used correctly, has almost no negative effects. I'm not good enough. I don't personally use it other than when i do it on camera for you guys. I don't think they even they don't look into it enough. And then they see these things online where they think it's related to something you know, you see those guys with those nasty oil arms ? Yeah, and what they're actually doing is a lot different than what they think and they call it sin thought they call rich pianists and broke and they have no idea what the hell they're talking about and it's gonna say that and it makes you look pretty stupid. It gives a bad name. It's the same thing with dnp one person dies because they're an idiot and they overdose and they ruin it for the rest. Of us well, guess what ? Idiots died on the ideas, diane. Everything everyday idiots died on a federal idiots died on yo him bind. And so to blame a drug for someone's abuse of the drug is absolutely ridiculous, just my personal opinion, but that being said, we are not encouraging anybody to take it. The whole point of what i am trying to do is open your minds that most of what you've heard on internet about most things is completely false, not just like slight misinterpretations of the truth, but we're talking like one hundred eighty degrees false information to where you would be better off if you didn't watch the news on tv if you didn't read online, experimenting for oneself is really the you know the danger is you can never go back in time if something bad happens so obviously experimenting on oneself has its its own dangers, but at the same time i would never learn what i learned about the compounds as fast as i learned if i didn't experience it myself meant d m piece arms, steroids, you name it, there's no amount you could read online, none whatsoever that could give you the actual knowledge of what you learn as you experience it in your own body. Which is why, when doctors tried to analyse a lot of this stuff and i haven't personally experienced it themselves, unfortunately, often times even medical doctors and the medical community are missing, representing the facts often times, intentionally misrepresenting the facts and sometimes not intentionally be a good thing to tell them. Tio, when you talk about that and what the doctors told me on one of my post cycles and i was coming off, well, we've got to do another video off that in the future, but we both have, yeah, we both have really good stories about how doctors have absolutely no effing idea what they're talking about, and you could actually learn maura about endocrinology from most bodybuilders than you can from most doctors. But that being said, there are some doctors that watch this channel and you guys reach out to me and we share information and so a lot of respect for you doctors that do stay upon current information like this and, uh, we appreciate your comments subscribe below. Sorry that he was so long. Lots of rambling. But the's, frickin beautiful girls here, staring at me, distracting me. So get off topic in my head. My thoughts are kind of going all over the place. Take care, you guys. In a minute, the swelling slow, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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