Snapchat | Philipines – July 2018 | Part 1

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That's a natural ***. That's amazing. That was a masterpiece. What about you, Skye? Let's compare. Let me see. Let me see. Comparing, comparing. But what? Yeah. Hottie alert eats for breakfast. This sheet overlooks the city view in the morning. Hello. It's greens and eggs. Getting healthier? Yeah. Is she a drama queen or she Not? Because I think the audience wants to see Drama queen. Audience wants drama. You're gonna have to turn up the heat supplement shops in Bangkok. Look at you. What do you take your clothes off? We re carved? No, that's a Q Oh, peanut butter jam and it's now expanded. There's a whole other section I'm gonna show you guys Now Sky's training Hottie alert with the new fitness workout she's teaching for Kito weightlifters Chicken, chicken, protein Tell me a way are the stars of the new muscle factory commercial. I want you to show your ***. Will you show your *** to everybody? Oh, my God, That's taking six grams of Creighton pre workout. How two men? Little tricycle wear since I took the crate. Um and I feel what's best described as ecstasy. I feel relaxed, uh, energized. Be no stress. Very sociable. One of the best new traffic experiences that I've had flex and every Mir energy this girl has. She's beyond walking on a treadmill. She's gonna jump on it from every direction while moving on the highest. You like attention way like get love from the audience. Wait. Relationship starts tomorrow. I think. Better relationship starts tomorrow. Look how cute. It's lunchtime. All the Filipino school children are eating here in the Mini Mart while I get like diet starts tomorrow. Eminem's Kit Kat bars chocolate wafers and snicker bar Game on under the next adventure. Got bus? What do you want? To go to another city? Let's see where we end up. So we got pulled over by the police. What, You think it's gonna cost her driver to get out of this? You two four dollars, four dollars for a traffic violation? Sounds steep. Negotiate that down to one dollars. Fifty cents for a scooter ride. Jenny, Jenny had to take the taxi strike because we can only fit two on the scooter. We can still fit. Take all three of us can try it. No. Okay, well, three feet on a little scooter. Whoa, Where's your helmet? She needs to put her on. Have her put her helmet. What? Okay. What's the etiquette? The rules of sleeping in bed together. Okay, You're the most I forgot now because I'm brain dead. Okay? What? What are the rules? No, just wait. Actually isthe You should have me first. I hug you first. Okay. Deal your tricks. Face me sky and show us a trick, right? We're shooting Tito diet videos. So we've got a bunch of carbs And then we got Tito food showing the differences. Cool effect. Shall we go in? Oh, my God. Is she naked? So hot and sweaty, shiny? Be here. I'LL be there after I'm done with you. Take out the view outside the gym. It's a beautiful sunset. Wow, It's not a beach town, but it has beautiful sunsets. Hey, there's the hottie. Hottest *** in all of angeles. Oh, my God. Good job doing man today I'm visiting the supplement stores in Philippines. See what products are high. Which things enhanced. Athletes should get on the shelves throughout Asia. Treat little Tony Huge get today for the diet starts tomorrow. Reason number one hundred thirty eight. Why tiny little Asian girls. They never finished their food, which means more fun for me tomorrow. Now it starts tomorrow. Angeles City for some last second for emergency business before heading off to be kicking Good bye, beautiful sooth countryside. I feel so good. I feel guilty. I feel guilty that it's so amazing, Like, have to remind myself, Did I actually earn the amazing life that I have? Cabe. But the same thing applies to when you're living under your standard of living. And you also feel a negative feeling, guilty one. So what you have is this destination based on your upbringing based on your parents with expectations, you said a child to keep you in a certain range of success in life because you exceed that. You feel guilty, you self sabotage and and a lot of people do that, you might not even know it. You're probably doing it too. If you have exceeded on some aspect of your life, your expectations by a lot, it starts making I feel uncomfortable scared of success. This is also a bit area two people becoming more successful. So you've gotta fix the underlying emotion and be aware of okay, What did we just record? What are the topics? One. Really. Ships are sorry about love and relationships like we just recorded in the hours with No one's even gonna watch him. No one think anybody's going to watch the many hours of relationship talks that we put online, But I'll be curious if they do, and if they come in Okay. I took Creed, um, Daniel style, which is emptying the capsules into water, drinking it, swishing around in my mouth. It tastes awful. Every creative I've ever tasted tasted so awful. But that's why he says mixing it with apple sauce actually amplifies the effect of the cranium, and it tastes good, but you've got to leave it for thirty minutes in the sauce in the refrigerator, preferably. And then he'd create, um, applesauce with creative inside it. Extracting fluids. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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