Snapchat | Phillipines – June 2018 | Part 2

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don't huge. Who would your fancy peptides and storms? Testosterone and Decca? That's all we had in my day. All the body needs. I'm Dr Tony. Huge your tour guide to the dark side. Oh, my God, Is this a ladyboy? I can't tell. It's she's too hot to be a normal girl too. Skilled must be a ladyboy. But how can I tell when the surgeries are so good? I think the only way we're going to be able to tell us if I invent a ladyboy DNA test kit where you can just pricked the end of a finger to get a example or anything else biological, I guess, from the body that has the DNA and it could even be hair and it tests to see the chromosomes. I think you'd be able to tell like that to see if someone is a man or a woman from their hair. But you need a portable kit that you could bring to Thailand or the Philippines test on the spot free workout routine. We get our chocolate coffee at seven. Eleven, and, uh, maybe some heads turn. You tried the thd for pain. You've also tried Craig um for pain. Which one works better for pain management of Isom clothing in the gym. I'm gonna Do we have any more of those tank tops that Daniel is wearing? Like it starts tomorrow? No, I'll send this year. Wait, I'm here with Josh. When you talk about Josh polygamous relationships and having more than one girlfriend or one wife in the difference and breaking breaking the cycle of you know, your normal thought presses relationships they did. Spending time with Tony huge and learning some different philosophies on life helped contribute to your being able to obtain this type of relationship. Absolutely. Just having a more positive look at relationships and where you're at getting rid of the negativity of the passing there night I experiment with a new steroid to find if it is the hidden steroids of much of a teacher, Don't. Good morning, Philippines. Where are you hiding? My hidden There is a much of a picture. Wait. Oh, my gosh. A healthy breakfast. Does the diet start today? Today. Okay. Is it full time? It's time that clean up the presidential suite that we ran it for the party last night ended up in the video you ended up in the video. Okay, all right. This is a mixture of Oh, God, where's heard someone's going in. The needle's like, dry. It's catching, but goodies in each one experiment with them. Video. Working on our laptops and researching today's research assignment was the difference between instant coffee and really coffee for men would pay to Washington. What work out seems to be one of the times that I stack the most. So, especially with Jim Exactly has so many snack food item I chow down. But that's how I spent it. Turning into a fat is I eat so much food and sugar and goodies and then I train, and that prevents my money for storing it in a body bag. Good morning, Friends of Freedom. Time to work on my laptop at ABC Hotel over some breakfast and then shoot videos on the Kito diet with audio. Just having an open mind about having multiple relationships where you're gonna go in the direction with all that really opens up bills, bills, the scenario you're green. You think I should start a relationship candle because I wish I knew twenty years ago what I know now that would've been a fifteen years old before I got my first relationship. Traumatized put me into, like, the American way of war. Then they shortcut instead of finding out what you want. A sixty year old when you're sixty people to find out what they want to do it there. Think about relationship. Not the best situation for my quality of life. High values Get more people around the world do what's possible under what better put a better world on my new experience. I'd just like to hear it like this. I kind of look at myself like like a lion. Like with the lionesses in the pride of my let's see what this hottie alerts But oh, my looking All right, Lunchtime on walking street muscles Big big butt tomorrow lunch, ice cream, Dessert. How do backto walking street experiment continues, But this time it's the weekly testosterone replacement. There. Be shot. Look, we're putting in the side of the bicep of the twenty seven gauge Needle him deep enough. Relationship starts tomorrow. Say relationship starts tomorrow. Relationship. Yeah, go in. They're gonna videotape your exercise. Yeah, it looks good. I don't think anybody is gonna object. People take his clothes off in the middle of the park. Wait. Going on here? What are you drinking it? You know, bring in the booth. Which means that one of my favorite times breakfast starts tomorrow. Side side today. Avery. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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