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Oh, hey, Amy and me. And I love my Anna Bar. You know, some of us are trying to get all Hughes. We're just trying to look good and of our keeps my muscles looking hard chiseled helps me burn the fan ke my performance up, man, I'm a fan. I don't wanna have to inject steroids. Then I do one side effect anabolic matrix, the and of our steroid profile where it is and of our fit into the anabolic matrix. Remember, the anabolic matrix has these different columns of growth factors in orderto have the maximum muscle growth with leech least amount of side effects and make superhuman strength and muscle gains. Tony, who is talking about weak *** steroids like Anna var, is not getting you any closer to finding the hidden steroids of more jumpy too. We need to combine the November columns. Today we're going over and of our, which is in the animal that column under the DHD and ght deregulation derivatives section. Trevor, tell us about the and of our ox Andrew alone profile. We have Tony. Huge didn't get as huge as he is by taking an afar, I assure you that at a bar is a *** derivative, even three classifications of stairs. You have testosterone derivatives. You have your Nan Jones and Angela derivatives than you ever did. Teacher and of our being a DFC derivative means it does not a rim it ties into s urgent. So side effects like dino water, attention, anything like that are totally impossible. That's why you often hear and of our being, you know, a clean steroid. No amends, dizzy a cutter, something like that. That's because it doesn't cause any water attention of blow and a bar that's only for women, children and queers. Which one are you? Anna Barr is primarily anabolic is a very low academic rating. It is one of the few steroids as safety use for females. That's why animals so popular men can use it. Females can use it because both sexes can use it twice. The amount of people are using this drug, and that's why it's so popular. One thing always said what Hannah Bar is because it is very popular and because it is a very expensive steroid, it is very, very commonly fate, I would say eighty percent of hand a bar on the black market is fakes. He really, really got trust your source, especially. Are you if you're a female because you don't want getting amore, angiogenic, steroid and experience and masculine side effects A communion, you little secret. You know those instagram models you see on nine? Yeah, that one's looking shredded in their pictures. A lot of them are taken and of our all year around. So you're saying I could take Anna Barto look really sexy for my next Instagram photo shoot because it doesn't retain water, and it'LL make my muscles look all hard and sexy. So how to test steroids for authenticity? Your best bet would be used a home steroid testing kit like glad Max or Roy test the problem with those terra testing kits. They will tell you whether or not you're an of ours, riel, but they won't tell you the dosage. So at least you know, like what you have is actual real and of our it just might be under dosed, which wouldn't be than the world used to taking less drugs than you think you are. But least you know you're getting the jetstop so out of our DHT derivative it does not aroma ties and s students you have to worry about using a dramatized inhibitor with your cycle. It is suppressive of natural testosterone production so that whole aural steroids don't require pct. That is told, bro Science, you still need to run a pct. Steroids or steroids. It doesn't matter if they're oils or injectables. They will suppress your H beata in national testosterone production. So you to run a proper pct after using an of our cycle. One thing I will say is there's a misconception that women don't need to run a pct. That is totally false. Women produce testosterone just like men do. The only difference is that women produce testosterone in their ovaries are as men produce testosterone their testicles now, because women you don't have testicles. Fertility drugs like Loman and Nolvadex will have no effect on raising testosterone levels of females. But females want to use a good national testosterone booster as a pct after any sort of stars cycle, they do. As for dosages of Anna Bar, a man is gonna want to usable forty two sixteen milligrams per day. A female is gonna want to use five to twenty milligrams per day. If this is your first time using animal has a female, I start very low used five. That's one thing I will say is that although at a bar is primarily an anabolic steroid, it does still have some angiogenic ratings. So as a female, if you run a lot of and of our cycles, you are going to experience a mud mask, then the side effects of space a lot. Don't underestimate the power of an FR. As you get up in the higher dosages. It's a serious performance, an answer, and it does build muscle. You just don't see it because you're not holding any water, but the gains you get the games you keep because one of those things, like you're eventually gonna pay the papers. If you want out of our cycle, you're not getting anything. Ten. You might get some Lo master's side effects. If you do like thirty and of our cycles, you're gonna end up getting some of masculine side effects. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but just how it is there's no completely anabolic steroid policy terrorized. You have some antibiotic properties. Last thing I'LL say is out of our For a man, it's pretty mild. Um I mean, it's going to give your physique a nice cosmetic effect to it. You know, you're gonna notice, like a hardening of your muscles. You know, it's that, you know, like your abs look more chiselled, things like that. That's for actually muscle gains and size again. You're really not gonna get much from it. If you're gonna go with steroid Road and you're looking to gain muscle, you'd be much better off using tee ball. Tee ball also does not originate as an astronaut, but much stronger. So you feel much better. Strengthen size game. So that is animal are, as for side effects, animals pretty mild. I mean, like, you really not get any side effects. Besides, you know, suppressing your Catherine is the after it is liver toxic. So you'd want to run a good liver. Hate with your cycle. When it comes to buying a liberated, the most important thing is looking to see those multi ingredient. It isn't like milk thistle. Nak tut cut. Do some research on tadka tadka isn't I summer of vodka and because actually FDA approved in a pharmaceutical liberated. So Tucker, I would say, is probably the best supplement you can buy as a liver. It supplements so on Yan of our cycle, you're gonna want his deliberate after Adam our cycle. You gonna run right? P C t. This is Trevor, the diet coach on Anna var Hopefully found this video helpful and thank you for

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