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What is the marketing and media strategy of the Super League? Dr. Tony Huge talks with Jay, the creator and owner of the Super League, and talks strategies on now he promotes this successful league when it comes to the world of social media.

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The marketing and media strategy of the Super League. I'm Dr Huge here with Jay, the creator and owner of Super League. What's your strategy for getting the word out about this? It's definitely something new and cutting edge. You're not using the normal marketing medium, right? Must be using something like social media. Word of mouth. What else? Well, you know, we actually built a production studio here. So what you're seeing here is it's I guess you could think of it as a movie set, because way have lights, we have the camera, we have the action, We have smoke machines, way have disco ball. But most importantly, we have a live stream in life. So everything happening right now, the guy right there holding that little camera with a green light on the guy with the red light, those cameras streaming live through our app to the world with, like, a twenty five second delay. And this is the future of sports. Because what used to cost millions of dollars to create a production set production studio, Uh, abilities, actually, broadcaster needed to the world instantly. That used to be an extremely expensive, extremely complex process. We've now been able to anyone you this honestly, but we've been able to actually package that in this one venue and actually broadcast to the entire planet you are, and it's kind of hard to compete with that you're ESPN or anyone else that has to pay all the salaries to broadcasters. Ten thousand dollar cameras like it just does it. It's not necessary. You know, he's a smart marketing media guy because he's being very progressive with this. He's also taking the time to talk to people like that can also help spread the word out because it gives me content and then it also gets him exposure. So here's another idea to use that, Uh, let's say I've got the website and staff dot com. So what if What if you could have it? A streamer in bed into my website? We're good, so I could tell people tell all my fans. Go to gnaeus athlete dot com. You'LL be able to see the streaming right. So for the right number of zeros, I could say Enhanced athletes website will be the exclusive streams of Super League event featuring this athlete, that athlete and these top performers. So there's a lot of marketing opportunities that that exists, and that's why we've been able to connect with big media stars very exceptional athletes. Um, an incredible production team with Mayweather Productions here, right now that you're shooting on behind the scenes stuff and we're tracking athletes of all walks, you know, it's not just about the best athletes that are coming from our living and body. Trusted Wei have those way. Also have people that they just he's he's a dad, you know? He's a busy guy like he likes to trade. He likes to compete. Waters options. Get up on a stage like a piece of me, get up on a platform and deal one Rhett mats in the silly uniforms, you know, going to across the competition in your neighborhood like they're in a lot of good options. So waken provide an option where they can virtually compete in our league from anywhere in the world. Like Raj Compete submits his scores to h Q way, have a process verifying his raps and all that stuff. But then he's gonna fly over here in a couple days, and he's gonna get into the arena and extreme him to the entire country of India wants Teo, and now people can actually be engaged with any athlete from anywhere from any sport. And the thing I'm most proud of is the fact that we actually have athletes from every sport that has come here. So we have gymnasts with Prospector's body building M M A. Fighters like you name it like So you're going to see the diversity of athletes come through and what we're trying to do. It's a It's a lofty goal. But what did Emma made? They actually aggregated all these different disciplines into one sport. What across that do aggregated all these different disciplines into one sport. So what is the next sport that's gonna be invented? I believe the common thread that runs through all sports on all athletes is they all left. And so that's how we've been able to appeal to so many different types of athletes because this makes him a better athlete in any sport. Doesn't matter. There's swimmer, basketball player, football player, fighter, more athletes, competed soup earlier, getting both and the bigger it grows X. Eventually, the more people follow them are also be used to track their own progress. He's there on the app on their their logging whatthe waits that they're lifting reps were doing, which is something that people who like to work out do anyways in their in their journal. Only now you get to share and compare it to other people, compete with people all over the world. You just centralized people's ability to progressive overload, track their goals into an AB the Super League. You're exactly right. So the officers, a couple different functions, it serves as a medium through which we can broadcast on our fans can actually watch, engage with it also serves as a competitive level where you can compete with other people that trained like you. You may want to do power, but combine you like three r maxes. You may want to do blood. You may. You may be a fifty year old guy and you want to see how your rank with you guys so it filters based on your exact demographics. But then, thirdly, you know, it also allows you to see where you were, where you are and where you want to get to you. Because a guy that's your same age and has your same background, um, just scored higher than you. So you put a beat that you know, and you know it's possible because some of the higher level athletes have this three D image of them, kind of like you see in sport like NFL thing or a video game. So how'd is, let's say, someone who's on a lower level. How did they get their avatar like? That's possible, Go somewhere? Not possible yet. I'm sure technology will love that. Happen pretty soon, thank God, I'm sure I'm sure it's gonna happen. But right now we have a very expensive scanning machine that can measure every little crevice on your body down here in Las Vegas, it's here. It's actually a few offices over. But that would actually create an avatar of you that's accurate down to the hair, down to the vein, down to everything. And then we can actually take that That greedy asset way could actually print it out, so I could actually one goal. We have absolute give people trophies of themselves. That is super realistic, that forever immortalizes you in that condition in that shape, and you just never forget it because I remember the days when you do the bodybuilding show and you get a trophy of some random caricature guy. Maybe they still do that. But it's way better reels, you know? So it's better than a picture of spending a video. But that is part of the check that we're trying to embrace. Wait could be on the bleeding edge of text. Then I know that a long term we're going do well. We're gonna serve a lot of athletes because the biggest company in the world Google Apple, Facebook, right? All the bank's sounds so way. Just know that the future of sports is with the future of fitness. That's why actually, all in a nice you know, those little app. But if you're not in attack type of field, if you're not embracing ten, you're going to be left behind. That's just it. It's an absolute fact of business. You can't you can't get around. Yeah, that's why it's gonna be super exciting to follow J and Super League and see what they come out with next. Thank you, Jay.

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