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Freedom Diaries with professional calisthenics competitors. Kirby quick in the gym during his leg workout. He took three point five grams of Amanda Craig, um, pre workout, which was fifteen minutes ago. He just did two very heavy sets, three hundred fifteen pounds because although we got down to the ground, pauses almost sitting before and then goes up, this creates a lot of pressure in the head, which in my experience amplifies the effect of the creative makes it hit horror and faster. So I want to know what he was feeling during the set and what he feels right now from the freedom. Honestly, I feel amazing. Just a while ago, before I did create him, I was kind of sluggish, did a warm upset. But now I mean, I feel like I could do three thirteen forever. Can I ask you, as you go through your work out of you and the effects build up her butt? And I would advise you to drink a lot of water, Remember Here, drink water now. But how do you feel? Mentally verse physically. So So just cover the mental first, just bullet points. Mentally I feel more focus I'm zoned in or what I'm doing, which is what I'm looking for when I'm working out. So I feel more connection with what I'm doing so mentally. Physically you have to draw attention. Just think about how does your face feel. How does your ears feel? Your tongue, your lips, your nose? Do you feel anything? You might not feel anything yet. And I'll ask you again a little bit. But physically your body, your face, your skin Do you feel anything? Honestly, uh, physically, I don't really feel anything As far a skin. I am sweating a lot more. That might be something that I'm experienced as far as like, a little side effect, which is awesome for me because I like to swing. I never really sweat. So, uh, I love it. That might be the diary in effect or the fact you're able to train harder on. Great. Um, so we'LL check back with you a minute. Two hours after having taken the crate. Um, how do you feel now, Kirby? I'm I feel really light. I still feel like I could still move. Wait. Um I still feel very focused. Uh, I just don't know. Amazing, but I really, really like really, like

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