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Craig Elias Cheap meal philosophy. Greg, you're eating pretty clean. I mean, for how massive you are. This is a pretty small clean He'll understand you clean most time you throw in a cheap meal. Yesterday was your cheap meal record. What happened yesterday? Three in one day. I was feeling kind of skinny and I like to be huge. So, you know, if you want to get here to get a cab, what do you consider it? Um, you know, I think the best cheat mill would be like a burger because you still get the protein, the vegetables, you know, somewhat of a decent carbs. You know, from the bread. It's not like it's just pizza where is just like cheese and, you know, crap for cookies. And I mean, you do write trying, tio. Right? So normally, how yesterday was not a normal day. Normally how many females I'll be like one or two a week? That's about it. Because I am trying to keep it clean. Keep it tight. Don't do a lot of cardio. So not more muscle I get. I notice it's super easy. Lose fat like the muscle burns. So with the amount of muscle you have. Are you able to just shred super like you can just dye it for hard? For a couple days, You could just just that just falls off. I mean, you know, I have a compound of basically what I do. You know, my my set meals every day. You know, I recently just dropped thirty pounds. Thanks. And, you know, it's a lot of weight, so, you know, I mean, I'm just kind of maintaining now where I'm at. So, you know, I pretty much keep my carbohydrates around fifty to one hundred meal, depending on how I'm looking. You know, if I start to get to pop the lower the car, I wanna get huge. I have cheats, calories all that and take. So you you're based on your height and body structure. Your digestive system is is similar to a normal size person. You have to eat so much more. I feel like we don't eat that much off. My base is pretty much four meals a day. Enough shake it to hear in there. So you don't really need a tax ID. I just have a certain amount of meals, like, you know, I'm not a big eater, you know, actually got five meals and yesterday was the first time ever did that. Probably a couple years. Why do you think that is? Because a lot of guys that are even near your size there are just pounding calories. Old day, just on appetite. I was shooting a gun on a man. Yeah, but Well, how is it? What do you think biologically? It is that your body, so much more efficient calories. You don't have to eat like that. It's a genetic trait in a lot of steam. I mean, I coach people for a living, and you know, I wouldn't if someone wanted to say Craig, Craig, Craig, I'm trying to get huge. I would definitely have a meet, you know? So you know, basically, I just know the way my body works, and it's just comfortable with four meals and a protein shake. Did you notice that you coach people that people's diet requirements vary a lot from individual, or is it kind of set? What diet works works for most humans? Everybody's bodies differently. Some people need to eat more. Some people in the last doll, just That's why You got to get to know their body First. You got to get to know what they normally you know, points for solving a calorie intake. The protein and carbohydrate intake, you know, first. Alright. Thanks. Don't eat this food and time to get your trunk. Huge. Absolutely not. Didn't think so. Yeah, Here.

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Pls do Videos about Classic Physique Cycles and how to get started when I want to add mass for this division (what compounds) Most healthy way to add enough mass for this class 🙂