Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides

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growth hormone releasing peptides. There's two different types. There's injectable, and there's Orel, the only aural one that's in the mainstream right now. Z m. K six seven seven. So the rest of the growth hormone releasing peptides are injected, usually using an insulin needle, usually taking one ML of B A C or saline water and putting it into the peptide vile and then using some percentage of that for injection. So, usually one vial well, last ten to twenty injections. That's sort of the sweet spot. See if you were to inject an entire vial of a growth hormone releasing peptide. You wouldn't release any more growth hormone than if you just injected one tenth of a vile of growth hormone releasing peptide. Oh, there's many different types of growth hormone releasing peptide. There's G H R P to G H R P. Six people morale, and those are the three most popular, and there's a whole bunch of other ones as well. So the dosage is a little bit different on each one. You could look up online what it says. The recommended dosage is our and those air pretty accurate. I don't agree with most things that are online regarding the fitness industry in bodybuilding chemistry. But when it comes to dosages on things like growth hormone, releasing peptides, those air pretty solid. Now, if I'm too lazy to look up the dosage because I don't have a mall memorized, I simply do personally one tenth of a vile. So if I used one ml ofwater to reconstitute it, I would put, uh, Ted one tenth of that one ml in the injection and then growth hormone. Releasing peptides usually cause, ah, spike a big spike of growth hormone that doesn't last very long. So it means that if we want to be on growth hormone mohr hours during the day, we're gonna have to inject it multiple times per day. Which is why the Incas, six seven seven aural growth hormone that lasts all day long and is not an injection is is usually preferential. And most the rest of the growth hormone releasing peptides are kind of outdated. But that's my rule of thumb and just over simplifying it cause remember, I like bodybuilding, but I like making bodybuilding convenient tore. It doesn't cramp my lifestyle, and so that's why I use simple rules like this of just using ten units on an insulin needle and that being sort of the roughly the plateau because using thirty units on an insulin needles not going to get me any more of a growth hormone releasing response than ten units on insulin Needle because the body can only produce so much growth hormone now if we're injecting actual pharmaceutical growth hormone or generic growth hormone, so not a growth hormone releasing peptide that causes our body to produce its own growth hormone. But actually injecting the growth hormone that acts directly on the receptors in the body obviously could take an unlimited amount because you're not limited by how much growth hormone your body can produce. So that was an excellent question, G. And I hope that helps over simplify it. And if you want the detailed version, I say that most of the information hottie alert mostly information online as faras, the dosages is pretty accurate here

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