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the enhanced athlete Kito Max Ki tto drink that's got a lot of keep tone assaults in it. That's the main ingredient, but it's also got a lot of other ingredients in it as well. But there's a big debate on key tone salts. Are they the future of endurance supplementation of the tropics of mental and physical performance? Well, if you're transitioning into the key toe diet, there's no question. Absolutely Now someone's already eating carbohydrates or they're not on the Kyoto diet. Do the key tone salts have an application? In my case? Yes, because I tried it and I felt that rocket fuel in my brain like effect, I felt more intensity in the gym or energy and without the crash of sugar, even though I'm still having carbohydrates in my diet, there's a bunch of others ingredients in it as well. That helped improved performance, but it's something that I drink all day, so I don't necessarily just use it as a free workout. I drink it all day instead of juice or water or whatever, because I like the flavor because it has electrolytes to help keep my body functioning really well and healthy and improve my performance. Yeah, here

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