Side Delt 3 Cc Injection

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side del three cc injection. This is point doesn't matter what steroid it is or what hormone, but this is point five C. C's of the most hard core when you could get and then one cc of testosterone and two species of prima bowl. And all according to my a prescription that I, uh, obtained for these hormones and purchased with the prescription. This is a three cc barrel, so three CCs all full with a one point two five inch needle tip that is twenty four gauge. I have ran the oil like this. I put the hot water over it. So it's just the holidays. Stops here and here and just pour over it until I can feel that the oil is nice and warm. Warm of the room temperature. It's early in the morning, so excuse the excuse. The look here. All we care about is the injection. So I'm going to lean against the wall because, see, my chest gets in the way I can't reach. But if I use the wall to push my arm than I can reach my side out, they don't want to hit the front out Front. Bell has a lot of nerves. Back door. Awesome. But I can't reach that far, so I'm stuck with the site down. Let's see if I could do it with one hand doing it by myself. I'm gonna hold it like this, either. The it's, ah, oblong shape and where it's longer. I'm going to put that where my finger is for better grip. Put it like that. It's going to slip like that grip. So let's see. I don't know if it's going to go through here, and I don't know how it's going to feel the three ccs in the shoulder. Usually I don't do this much in the shoulder. Usually limit the shoulder to a maximum of two ccs. If I go three ccs, I'm doing glutes. And, as you know, I rarely put a lot of oil in our needle. I'm the king of putting, uh, one inch insulin needles so far, barely feel it when in nice and smooth, I let a little bit of the oil dripped down the shaft after the needle so that it lubricates, it slides in, and it looks like it's going just fine. So twenty four gauge with the oil warmed up even with my left hand, which is weak, seems to float or easy almost done when you say I feel a little bit of pressure building at once. I hit more than two ccs. Feels like it might be just a lot of this sore afterwards from the next day, but not bad. I'm gonna let it loose. Pull it out students anymore. Well, that's a lot of blood to come out of one area. Darn, it should have caught it faster, because the problem is that it bleeds under the skin. Oh, boy, it's dripping all over the floor. I'm gonna hold pressure to make sure stopped bleeding. Oh, man. Just ruined my white knight. He shoes. Well, it's an excuse to get you here.

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