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steroids cycle length. Answering your questions, Dr Tony Huge. And there's three different types of classes of steroids that determined the length of the cycle. In my opinion, there's world steroids, which are limited amount of time. You want to be on them because mainly their liver toxicity. They're short Esther steroids, which are fast acting to peak concentrations in your bloodstream quickly and therefore usually lend themselves to shorter cycles. And then there's ball yester steroids. X arms would be under short Esther because they're not liver toxic, according to my medical work on DH. They're also very fast acting, so they would fit under the short Esther category. Then, at the end of a cycle on how you determine what the end of that cycle of that dosage of that steroid should be, is when the plateau happens. When muscle growth starts slowing down with muscles, start feeling less anabolic or wins changes and strength increases diminish, so you should know your body. You should know when you plateau. That's when you have three different options. You have the option to either increase the dosage of the compounds that you're running. You have the option to switch compounds or you can keep a foundation in like a lot of most. Keep testosterone in, and then we switch the anabolic CE on top of the testosterone. Keeping that same tops a sauce drone foundation or you Khun cycle off and then cycle back on again. So when someone asked me, can they do a six month cycle of testosterone? I say, Yeah, that's what Coach Steve does. Coach Steve. The six months testosterone cycles, But he starts it like five, four hundred milligrams and over a six month period of time, Your work his way up slowly to fifteen hundred milligrams, and by doing so, he prevents a plateau. Now, if he had started at one gram of testosterone, he might stop getting the benefits. He might start plateauing much earlier, and then what's he going to do? It can increase that. Can't keep increasing the dosage to three four grams. You you put yourself closer to the plateau faster. That's why our general theory with the anabolic matrix is to start with a lower dosage of less compounds, worked the way up in the dosage and or switch between different compounds. Personally, I don't like cycling off, so that's that's not much of an option for me. I either increased dosage and then I switched compounds that are increased dosage again. And then I switched compounds. And that's by way of making never ending steroid hormone cycle for myself be swollen, swollen friends of freedom, fine years of human evolution.

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