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A friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. I'm here with Steve Altman, who's from new fit and going to electrocute me, which I know you guys like to see because I've done these videos before. With the whole get up on and they sat my muscles while I work out. This is a little bit different. He's going to pre stimulate my muscles to enhance my mind muscle connection before I work out here in Las Vegas. A city athletic club. Alright, so hooked me up and electrocute me. All right, So what we're gonna do is we're gonna leave this muscle tissue out doing my Langdon understanding, and you stand okay. Yeah. No. All right. So the first thing I'm thinking is the heart works on electrical stimulation as well. And we've gotten this electrodes like going through my heart. Am I gonna Is my heart going tto be stimulated? Anyway, I was thinking, like, speed up. Well, it is good. What it's gonna do is we're actually hijacking the electrical signal goes from your brains, your muscles, and we increased it by two hundred and fifty times for every second your brain sends warns to impulses to your muscles system to, say contract. Relax every second more about flooded with five hundred impulses. It says lengthen out. Because this you guys know the muscle's ability to create strength, generate strengths, direct relationship. It's built to do Lincoln. And many times when we can achieve straight games is because our muscles already contracted, locked up to begin with, Wei need to lengthen them out a pair of them for that activity. All right. Hey, I'm gonna slowly turn this machine up, OK? You tell me when it gets to you, just as soon as you start, okay? All right. Okay, so I feel it just I just love it. That's cool. That's cool. That's cool. Nice one. Slowly, Just a little ways back down together. Well done together. Because the ideas I don't wantto racket up real hard like I would do from trying to even it takes some damaged tissue. But I want to do is ice went to stimulate and wake up and make sure that every fiber in this bank, every fiber in the shoulder is firing firing sequence E fire into my past. And that's what we do. That's how What's that sound, quite frankly, is pretty incredible strength. Yeah, my theory was when I first experienced the electro muscular stimulation that that there's some limiting factor in the chain between the brain and the muscle right there, some weakling. But if you directly stimulate the muscle with electricity, you could get a harder contraction than you could get otherwise have. So why training, while being electrically stimulated seemed to me to be the future of bodybuilding? Absolutely. That's because that's the the true way that you can make five pounds feel like five hundred pounds, but without any of the corresponding detriment that it would take two you know, to deal in the joint structures, get five hundred ventures. I do want to feel it cranked up a little bit more for the experience. All right. You ready? Yeah. Oh, yeah. I love that feeling. I love that feeling. Yeah, well, that's a good one. Oh, that's exist. If you used electrical stimulation before the ISS is this direct current? It's It's It's It's it's It's the same as the current that's in your system. Yeah, so it's like that. That was a nice Ugo man. Okay, I knew that. I didn't want to do it too much. We only did that for a couple minutes. Only for the fact that the whole I did with that was just to prepare you like a nice, easy general upper body. Warm what? To a very appreciated that tone for the demo. Absolutely combined. It won't swell Friends of Freedom plan years, human evolution. Here.

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