Best Bodybuilding Diet for a 12-Week Prep?!

Dr. Tony Huge talks with Matt who recently won the overall in his last bodybuilding show. They cover the amount of macros he used in diet and how it helped him during his prep.

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Best bodybuilding diet for a twelve week prep that one Martin the Overall Body Building Championship yesterday. So you did twelve weeks of dieting. Uh, what type of diet did you do? Mainly We're focusing on, like, macros first. Like how much carbohydrates, protein and fat. Was it a carb? Cycling was on a high carb was a taquito diet mine. Oh, with macro were merely fifty, uh, ground protein. Three hundred and fifty grams of protein. Yeah. So that was the same. The whole prep. What buried a lot was a carbon. That's so it went from high medium low, and I each each week was about the same. It was, uh, no for four days, and then fifty was medium. So it's carb cycling. Lo dai's medium days, high days on the low days. How many carbohydrates? Uh, my lois was one hundred grams. And for more sources, uh, rice on DH. And what time of day are you eating carbs? Uh, morning pre impulse. We go. Oh, so so at night time not having any car in the nighttime cold facts, which this morning you were gonna put them on. And then as it gets closer to the show and you dropping carbohydrates even lower than what's the carb? Cycling. Uh, there was many low days notice. So it was really on, uh, morning on post and that was around fifty grams. Only fifty grams of carbs, practically for a bodybuilder. Fifty grams of the ketogenic diet. That means your body is running off a fat. There's barely enough carbohydrates. Just stimulate your metabolism because, remember, bodybuilders gonna burn through a lot more carbs than a non body. Better Okay, back to the protein, three hundred fifty grams of protein. That's really eye because you're started out of two hundred thirty something pounds. Getting a prep. You competed on the stage around one ninety six on study to be to be about one hundred to be around two hundred pounds and eat three hundred fifty grams of protein means one point five grams of protein per pound of body mass. Not just lean body mass. A pound of total body mass, which is, which is like taking two grams of protein for lean pound body mass, which is on the high side. Did, uh, would you do that again? Do you like that high protein? And that is that everybody's talking about going with lower on the program. Why say no, I mean, for me it, like work. It can really help me to keep us much muscle can during prep. Um, so I would go on and on. I'm on a approach. Uh, with these prep, I felt body was, you know, responding Well, not bloated, not guessing at all. So I felt fine. What were the source is approaching. What type of meats or protein powder? Chicken breasts, fish. Uh, waifish. Lobby a cod. The whites, some whole. Wade's probably like to only a steak on. So pretty much. Everybody's a little protein source of protein yet. How much protein pattern? Just forty grams. Post workout. Did you drink protein powder? Any other time of day with no cards. You send your carbohydrate sources. Was the rice, the potatoes and the oatmeal? Did you also drink any carbs? Like post workout carved drinks are inter carbon. Just Did you use any BCS? Yes, I drink them. They're worked out on DH after best party. So, uh, what was your meal like After fast car. It was. Wouldn't have cubs. So? Right. Ho A. I have a couple of years. Did you come across any tricks that helped you keep on a diet like certain spices. Anything to suppress appetite? Uh, just like those sauces, like low sugar catch up my hot sauce. A lot of mustard like that. Did you worry at all about your sodium intake? Like it had more sodium, potassium or take less out? Not during the peak weak. But during the whole twelve weeks? No, Uh, because I know my body, my like my body's way spawns well to assault. As long as I keep my worrying sick high. Wait. At least two guns. So, like, help me to keep a bonus, too. Back to the Heike Are we talking about? The low carb days were one hundred grams and then as it got close to the competition, low carb bays are only fifty grams. Uh, how many grams of carbohydrates on the medium day and the high day? Remember, there was one high carb day per week, so it's not with a hi hi day was like a three feet or a cheesy. Um, a re feed was around three hundred to a for underground carbs. And when I wanted to have ah cheating you, I would go for a burger fries, which would be like one hundred fifty or arounder of carbs or like I would appreciate. Well, so on each week it is very to what I felt my body needed. So it's very from one re feed three hundred grams for a cheap meal of a burger fried or a cheap meal with, like, uh, dessert. What? What foods did you specifically avoid, either? Because you don't think they're very good for body builders to eat or because you have a specific particular food sensitivity. I avoided pizza General. Hold it. I feel like that's gonna give me what I want to be long term. So that's just like, mainly food source that I didn't do merely because of dairy. So and so that's why you're so did you avoid dairy in general for twelve weeks, But weet you seem to be okay weak because you had a hamburger. Right way? Yeah. Um, but not I had more of, like, the white bread. So? So it wasn't only wheat, it was more of a flower. Yeah, really refined, refined carbs. So those, uh, really helped me to get, you know, But we must be We're gonna be fuller. And then we'll go back to my boat. All right, that sources. What are you, healthy? Fast Sources Standard avocado, McConnell, Oil. Our boys were and, uh, nobody. So So that means, like not butter being like peanut butter or almond butter on a murdered those tough or the eggs. Get Carter, Did you have any times where you really broke the diet? Not intentionally, but because you have a moment of weakness. You know, um, when I is own in. So come on. Father's Day. How about a few? Because I know how you look. Like, get it? So your girlfriend shredded? Uh, she must have been dieting with you at the same time she was with. That makes a lot easier. So that was very helpful. Yeah. Now she's about to. Do you wish to? So now you just finish the competition. What is your dot? What? What kind of diet or you're gonna do after today? After today, I'm gonna reverse diet backup. So whatever my diet was a week before my show, I'm going to add a bit more cards. Probably like a hundred grams and other more fats, like around twenty photographs, and then go off that one week. And then my body weight is the same. It's will be higher, lawyer. And if it's ah just dropped again all right. Well, that covers his twelve week bodybuilding diet. Contest prep. Um, in the food she ate, the macros. He ate his sodium intake. The carb. Cycling on what? Types of foods. Yates. And what type of food he avoids. Be swollen, swole friends of freedom pioneers. Here.

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