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Hey guys coach Forever with Enhance athlete and were with Kass Martin. Wait. We're going to try to get this done real quick because she's busy. But what do you love about fitness and what made you actually fall in love with what made me fall in love with that? First of all was when I started to see changes in myself. And then I became obsessed with fitness. But the thing I love most about fitness is lifting heavy, basically just lifting in general, something I thought that I never could do. And so when I finally am able to lift a way, for example, that I've never thought I would be able to live before it's the best feeling in the entire world, I can't explain it. You have any favorites and body building that you maybe got that from, like running full manner. That's like my number one. I actually used to, like, fall asleep every single night watching his I know everyone says it's a boring video, but I think it's so amazing. But him watching his video where he sits in the kitchens like cooking his rice and ground beef, and I used to fall asleep to that. Yes, to that video. How many times have you competed and throw your career. I have actually never competed. I just don't have the urge to compete, To be honest and well, what advice would you give people about this way competing in doing this sport, whether it's for competition, our personal, personal, like advice for competition? Er, what do you think for anybody that's involved in the sport, whether they're competing are doing it for themselves. You have, like, the urge to compete. Then I say, Take it on. You know it's gonna make you feel better and make you happy. But if you don't want to compete eyes, you could be just a successful not computing. Do you supplements? And if so, what do your favorite ones? Yeah. So I own work ethic, supplements my own supplement line. And I do use supplements. Uh, I use stimulant pre workouts. Non stimulant for work. It's I cycle on and off of those, um, A or a B C. A product and protein, which we don't have on our line yet, but I do use protein for, like, three pro central workout. Yeah, dog or cat lover. I'm a dog weather. Okay, good one. And then, because of how you look and the comedy guys say daily are hitting on the hot these Expos and what is your favorite pickup line? Well, I feel like guys hit on me like I think, just because, you know, they just come up and take pictures that, like no one's ever said anything, Um, I like to hit on me. If anything, they say mean stuff. Social media are face to face like basic face. They're like, Oh, you're not is because I thought you were like stuff like that. So that's not even a pick up line. If anything, they're trying to dog on me, so but it's not. Everyone has just been, like, literally like one and out of so many experts that I've been to most of the time. My fans are amazing. I love them all in. No one's ever tried to hit on me or anything, so that's good. Never got any cheesy pick up lines. No favorites on the audience. No, I no, I'm sorry. No, not even in the ground. Instagram. Yeah, there's tons. I can't even think of one. Like like, yeah, there's always stupid ones like the regular one, where it's like where you fell from heaven Did her something like that. I don't even know those. Don't make me laugh. I'm always just like What is this All right. All right. All right, guys. Thanks for watching until next time. Yeah. Here.

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