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It's a day's video. I'm gonna talk about insulin like growth factor one abbreviate this idea of one. Before again. I just want to talk about human growth hormone because human growth hormone is a precursor. The idea of one so basically how it works in your body makes human growth hormone. But human growth more binds to receptors that causes the liver to produce idea one. That's why if you ever read on like the bodybuilding message boards, if someone's trying to see if the h gh Israel we'LL take like ten years of h e ation, they're going to get a serum. I just want test on. If there are, I just want his way above the normal range in the gym. So a great question question, I get asked all the time is if h gh raises gf one. Why would I spend money on just one? Can I just use H G H? Great question. The problem is that your liver can only make so much idea for so you've been in even if you're using Super Physiological Joseph association. Even the usual, like a lot of issues for, let's say, ten are used for day. You liver. It can only make so much idea of what its going Mac. So So in order to get a super physiological dosage of idea won enough to really cause muscle hyperplasia. You're going to need to use idea of one by itself. You exhaust this idea one. So let's get into the idea of one now. So Idea one by itself has a half life of eight to ten minutes. It's also very unstable. Idea one, LR three and I want Dez are modifications to the idea of one protein that extend the half life and make them more stable. A great example would be like testosterone. No Esther versus testosterone property. Resist Austin Anandhi. Same idea by adding and asked her to it. It just increases the half life of the drug and also makes it more stable. So was really unique about idea if one. And the reason why I Jeff one, is such a coveted peptide is because it caused muscle paper play Asia. So muscle hyper trophy that cm larger muscle cells idea. One cause of muscle hyperplasia. That's the formation. New muscle cells. So what's really beneficial? But idea if one is that if you the stack you a steroids, steroids cause muscle hypertrophy of the idea because muscle hyperplasia so then you're getting Mohr muscle cells, and those muscle cells are getting bigger. So because idea for causes muscle hyperplasia, it's not, really, you know, get any benefit unless you're in advanced steroid users. Miss. You have a lot of muscly Iran idea of one. I wouldn't really get any benefit from it because my muscle cells aren't that big. Having Mohr small muscle cells wouldn't really benefited. But if you have large muscle cells, if you're a big guy with a lot of muscle having Mohr muscle cells will then increase your potential for even more muscle size and muscle strength. So idea of one if you're new to performance hasn't drugs. Don't waste your money. This is something for advanced steroid users, and it's something you want to staff with steroids, because this is gonna cause the hyperplasia and then this. The steroids are going to cause the hyper trophy, so dosages forty micrograms per day is all you need. I see doses on the message boards like one hundred micrograms, two hundred micrograms. All that is going to do is cause a waste distension. That's one thing you have to be really, really careful with a boat idea. One is that you don't want to use a lot of it. Less is more forty micrograms for days, all you need and you only want to run it for about four weeks because your body becomes desensitized to it very, very fast. Basically, you would run a vile one milligram will last you roughly four weeks and then you would take, you know, four weeks off duty. Yet another thing is that you want to split up your dosage. So if you're doing forty micrograms and you're going to be doing in your biceps twenty, twenty micrograms each bicep. Now, when to take the idea of one I have not seen anyone else talk about it. But the literature clearly shows that lactic acid increases the receptor cells sensitivity. So idea one. So what I like to do like what I recommend is that for I just want Dez you wanted pin that immediately pre workout. So, ideally, what you would do is you go to the gym being the bathroom, pin it and then start your workout. If that's not feasible, you basically pit it immediately after Dr Jim start your workout, I give one eller three because it has a longer half life. I think it's better to take it post workout, so I just want Dez. You take pre workup. Just one LR three. You take post work up because you have one. Death is such a short half life, it will have a localized effect. Let's go back to that bicep analogy for trying to bring up your biceps idea of one day's by pitting it directly into your biceps, it will have a localized growth effect. Our idea of what LR three will not because it is such a long half life will become systemic, you know, flow throughout your body. So idea of one heller three. It does not matter where you injected. You can inject it anywhere because going to systemic idea for Dez, you do want to inject that into the muscle group. You're a boat toe workout or into the mussel group that you're trying to bring up because it has a localized effect. So if you're trying to bring triceps biceps, your shoulder, whatever you want to be pinning into that muscle group, both of these should be injected. Insure muscularly So Jeff one. It's called insulin like growth factor because it is like insulin. It does have a nutrient partitioning effect, and it will lower blood sugar levels. Most people won't go hyperglycemia on the amount I recommended the forty a. M. C. G s. But it can happen. So especially if you're gonna be using idea Dez pre workout. You're gonna want to keep some glucose tabs or some sort of fast acting carb on hand, because you Michael hyperglycemia. Last thing I'll say, is that so growth hormone is a precursor. Jeff. One growth hormone actually doesn't do much for muscle mass. It is a recovering a fat loss drug idea, one that's a muscle building drug. Now some people on idea if one will notice that their body fat decreases. The idea of one isn't actually doing that is lowering the blood sugar. So that's what's causing that, a decrease in body fat. So that's basically idea of one. In a nutshell. The differences, as for effectiveness of idea of one killer theory, just want Dez. I personally would say, go with the LR three because it is systemic. The Dez is really a pain in the butt because you have to inject it right before you work out where the idea of one lr three I'm Nikkan injected post workout forty m c jis per day. And because lactic acid increases the affinity of the receptors for the idea of one molecule would definitely want to be taking this either. Pre work. A post workout. This is Trevor, the diet coach and our g of one. Hopefully find the video helpful and thank you for watching.

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