Kwameduah Lab Results | Natty or Enhanced (Shocking Results )

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This is core Madou, and he claims that he's natty, that he's not on here. I'm looking at this physique. This is like a pro classic physique style physique. Look at the legs, all right, so anybody would look at this guy and say, There's no freaking way, He's natty. So I was asked to give my opinion on quant duo, who have done a couple videos on I Believe on my YouTube channel Kenny Ko calling him a fake natty and why I believe he's a fake natural. And in my opinion, I don't think there's any possible chance that he could ever be natural, his muscle insertions obviously going to be genetic but conditioning his size. What he competes in being muscle mania similar to that of Ulises Jr. There's just a lot of factors that really go into it. And when you compare his physique to say that a physique that's well known back in the day before Anna were around such a Eugen Sandow, it's quite the difference that is quite noticeable. So in my opinion, I have to stand behind saying that kwon do is no possible way natural. Yeah, he's a fig Nettie. I just put him to the test. I said, I want your courage. I want your P. I am going to take it to the laugh. I'm gonna test it, and I'm gonna find out for myself whether you're nattering on. That's gonna prove a lot in this world, whether the genetics of hard work, since BIA's powerful is actually being on here. So let's get you hydrated real quick. There's no way to defeat this test to I'm the one who's going to administer this test. So there's no possible way that the results of this thing is gonna drink a bunch of water. Then we're in any of the container. Well, he's definitely on steroids. I mean, he is hanging out with Dr Tony. Huge. I mean, killed by association. Don't you know? I think this is probably going to be the most epic steroid testing natty proof video ever. I've never seen you do one just like this. Have you been accused of being nine Addie before? Literally, like, a lot of times. So how does it make you feel? You know, lot of Sox, because, you know, I do work hard. I train hard, you know, I eat well, so But you know, you know what? Like you being from a young age of always being like to be placed with genetics as well. But you know, it sucks like it's a compliment in a way. But also kind of like, delicious takes away from the hard work, like Like they're taking credit away. Like it was not our children. So I don't really care if someone is not. You don't know, but it just sucks. Like to be a cheese when you're no brawl. He looks really good, Bryce. Fake natty. That's just my pet. Oh, but have you considered the possibility that he is found hidden steroid of much you, Peter, for which no laboratory tests yet exists. How are you? Twenty five. I won't even training. So always a year's sure park, it's actually possible way I can screw up your S o give you. Go ahead and go in because there's no possible way if you look inside the stall. No possible where there could be anything that color. Tio, it's our keys. Pee into the bottles and I am going to be the custodian. Sounds like normal P flow. Sounds like a prostate is in good shape, which is a sign of not taking steroids. All right, that'll do it. All right. I am the chaperone on this American off waiting like normal. This is definitely an odd situation opening. Tio. Did Steven prepare you for that when he introduced us? This is the first time I've actually made those guys. Well, I'm random test any time. Yeah, that's what he said. He said random test me anytime. I'm willing to prove that. Whatever I said, how about right now pee in a bottle and I'm gonna go get it tested. It's gonna be a day or two. Delight. Get it to the lab. But I'm goingto, you know, look at the colors. You see the color when it goes into the sealed file containers laboratory, one hundred percent legit. All right, here we have the urine for the Nazi or not test. I'm gonna pour it into the thing without gagging. Well, I don't think we need all of it. Think that's more than enough. Okay, that is urine, and we're gonna steal it. And then we're going, Tio, peel off the sticker and seal it so that nobody can the place the urine and transit. Not that that's gonna happen, but this is like the safety the security seal. Actually. So this one goes here? And this long dues talk. No perverts like this. That's the seal. Okay, and then we stick it in the mail. On we get the results. These air qualm a Dewar's lab results to see if he actually is or is not on steroids or any other anabolic substances banned by the World Anti Doping Association. So here are the results. I'm going through him one by one. It doesn't look like he takes steroids. Yes, to make the massive big. Okay, So you think he's on steroids? Yes. And the results say he is not Hong testosterone. He is not on clenbuterol. He is not on Deanna Ball. Nor is he on any other banned substances. According to the lab report, look, none detected. And a lot of these are tests for long. Esther ds steroids. They could test, uh, if someone had been on a certain steroid months ago. I mean, some of these metabolize last, like, eight months in the bloodstream. So the fact that I saw none, that doesn't mean he wasn't on steroids at one point in his life is possible. But he certainly hasn't been on steroids, at least any of the main steroids or anything that was tested for within, uh, last recent amount of time. He's clean. And he had no idea that he was going to be drug tested. No idea. This was, like totally random. He said he's natty. I called him out. I said, Let's go to the bathroom and get your urine right now. And this isn't the Olympia Expo. If someone was on steroids or was using steroids, if there was any a time that they would want to be on steroids, it would be at an Olympia axe. Bo, right? So if he's not on steroids and Limpy Expo, it hasn't been on steroids for the previous six toe ten months to play. What Esther steroid he was using. He may not have ever been on steroids before. A true Maddie. A true genetic freak. Someone who When you look at this physique and you know what's really behind bodybuilding, you would assume he was on steroids. And according to the lab tests, he is not. Here.

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Robert Tran

Is the lab that did the testing available to the public? Please let us know if you are allowed to share the lab information so we can also test ourselves.