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All right. Chris Bell. What is up with the carnivore diet? Does that mean you eat a lot of meat? It means that all I eat is meat. So the carnivore diet is one hundred percent all meat diet. What it does for me is helps me with my arthritis and inflammation. It really drastically reduces it, brings it down and allows me to lift and move around. Where is what? Before, when I was just on taquito, I didn't have the same results. I still had a lot of inflammation in my body. So this brought my CR P, which your C reactive protein inflammatory marker in the body mine was like way high was actually nine, which is like anything above like one. It should be like flag, you know. So mine was way high, and it's brought it down back way under, like normal. So to me, carnivore diet with what it does for inflammation is amazing. Not only that, though, I've you know, I've lost a lot of weight in a lot of body fat since starting that. But aren't you? Aren't you afraid that you're going to get assassinated by cherien? No, not really. I mean, that's you know, there are a lot of people that will come down on you for eating all meat because of the environmental impacts and things like that. But I think that people need to go beyond what they hear in these little cliffs. They need to do the research and realize that I, you know, greenhouse gases that are produced by cattle represent two percent of all greenhouse gases in the entire world, and vegetable agriculture takes up like nine percent, right? So if you're to compare plants to animals, it's like we'LL plant farming actually takes up more greenhouse gases, right? It's We can spend the fax whichever way you want. We probably can't all eat all meat, right? That's just not gonna work out. But at the same time, only four percent of our entire planet is arable land that we can grow food on. And that's dwindling as we speak because of all the things that we do to our farming. So while it's not sustainable, probably for everybody forever, I don't think any certain diet is I do think it's a great dietary intervention that people could use if they have an inflammation problem or if they're just police and want to drop some weight quick. It's a great way to so you tested your C reactive protein. And we have a mutual friend that does a lot of lab testing. Get things like your cholesterol HDL LDL testing. Yeah, my HDL cholesterol was high was like a nine or something like that, which is really on the high end for HDL, which is your good cholesterol. Now, your so called it's amazing, but you don't know what minus its between seven and seventeen, depending on how many steroids I'm running. Oh,. Yeah. And then my LDL is actually really high. That's that's in the two Anywhere from, like two to three hundred usually. But the reason why my LDL is so high, it's because those air carriers, right? So I'm taking in a lot of fat, so I need a lot of carriers to carry it through my bloodstream. And if you know what you're looking for, you want your truck Lyssarides to be low. Mind one hundred, one hundred. And you want your HDL, Toby? Hi. Which mine was very high, so I'm okay. You know, I don't really look at the LDL is like the only single number. Hey, that's bad cholesterol. That bad. We got to take into account a lot of these other off factors, and we take in a lot of those other factors. You know, my blood work is is really healthy. What's really So what's your main fiber source? To be able to push this meat through so you don't just get backed up your digestive system? Muscle fiber, baby, That's the only five, right? I didn't you know that the years, but no, like, you know, digestive issues from all the known. I know a lot of the stuff that we've learned about fiber and that we've learned about what we need in our body and where these dietary recommendations come from. The government gives us that one for fibers. Ridiculous. There was a professor. He was in Uganda, and there's observing that students took bigger ships in Uganda than anywhere else he's ever seen on Earth. He went back to England and he reported that, and they put twenty five grams of fiber in the English diet, the English diet. When people came over to America and we started instituting guidelines stuff. We just looked to the English with a British. They've already done this. They already looked into this and they need twenty five grams of fiber. So soda way. But it came from no scientific background. There's no scientific integrity behind the fiber argument, really. So we have to go back and look, look for other information and other research. Could fiber be good for you? It looks like, Yes, it looks like it could be really good for your gut microbiome, and it looks like you do a lot of great things for you. Do you need it? That's that's debatable. All right, we need and good for you. What's your favorite source of meat? What is the main type of meat you're eating through that I go to Costco and buy. It's always read me this that you want to look for nutrient dense foods and nutrient dense foods Are your red meats. Actually, liver is your number one nutrient dense food, and down from there you'd have red meat and, you know, down from red meeting probably have shellfish, and then you'd have like, salmon. And then you have things that are plant based on avocados and coconuts. And I actually do utilize some of those things on a corner of or diet, because I don't think I need to cut out everything. But sometimes I'll have a steak and I'll throw in avocado on top. I don't think that's gonna like really messed me up that bad, But you know, ninety percent of the diet is meat. I mainly filet mignon, Mom from Costco, all the Costco Fleming Haskell has really good prices and grain fed versus grass fed doesn't really matter. They did a huge study in Texas A and M, and they found that the grain fed beef in the grass fed we've had the same health outcomes. So a lot of people say, Oh, well, green Fitz not healthy and well, we have to say We have to look at the science and that's all. If that's all we have, we have to go by what the science says in the science says that they're right. Now there's justice healthy each other. Yeah, the argument being there's less like omega three like anti inflammatory ALS and more omega six. You know, much less how much? Sixty five milligrams in a grass fed cattle and forty five milligrams in a grain fed cow. How Maneer in salmon twelve. Sixty. So why would you eat beef as your source of omega three. This doesn't make any sense. Why did you ever take fish oil tablets? Also, don't if you were going. I don't believe in supplements anymore. Except for Creighton. Creighton is kind of that and that I don't believe in supplements. In general, I don't believe in taking like things from a food like oil. One leads that you could get in food. I would say it's taken fishwife. I wouldn't sample. So, like, when it comes down to like taking a pill or eating the food, I'LL eat the food that has what I needed. So I have so many more questions. But he'LL ask you over. You're going to dinner too? Yeah, OK, then maybe we'll ask you some over dinner later, man, What I want to thank My brother did the vegan diet and got his blood work done, and he was super on healthy, and he was really trying to make it work. And then he switched to a meat based diet and also feels the best you've ever felt so amazing. That's why your story reminds me What's your brother's brother? Right on John. Huge feet from Nasty Ryan Ryan you little, little huge! Hi, buddy. Alright, Be swelling small friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution. Here.

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The “carnival” diet?

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Cool topic just all the lifting or other pics were of his brother, Mark “Smelly” Bell. Just figure i say that in case some were wondering. #FREEDOM