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Very positive things to say about the plantation. G M D Strain Overdose of Freedom yesterday is that today I have less food cravings, less sweet cravings and sugar cravings than I've ever had in my adult life. Our worst. Craig. Um, experience. I am a huge fan of Craig. Um I love Crate. Um, but every crate, um, experience I have is completely different. And yesterday Still, caring over to today is the worst experience that we've both had on Craig. Um, the strain that we used was called plan Date Plantation. G m de Plantation G m d. I don't know what that means. I'll have to look it up because usually I'm usedto gold white, red green strains of create Mbali horn main duh Thai Malaysian So I don't know what plantation gmd me all have her explain how she feels right now first and then we'LL walk through how we felt yesterday. I gave her a dosage yesterday morning of about one point eight grams you know, rounding up roughly two two grams a little bit on the higher side that I normally give her And what? And then I took it and I'll tell you what I took. I took three grams plus one point eight grams, almost five grams because I had poured my three grams which I was going to go a little higher dose than normal and my cup and Then I poured her roughly two grams in her cup. And then I drink mine. And then I was cleaning up the cat and I saw a liquid. So I'm just going to drink it too. You're rid of ends like whoops. It was already in my stomach. I'm not going to throw it up. So I kind of overdosed on creative and took too much and suffered the repercussions. What did you experience yesterday? Yesterday? Because you you've had some good experiences on creating, right? Yes. Alright. What happened? Different. Okay, I'm feeling at first I'm feeling happy. But then later on, in a couple hours, I feel agitated. I feel tired and sleepy. So we were in the game. I have to come home to go to sleep. So today I woke up Hicks really bad headaches. Then, feeling agitated, still on. I feel like I'm the shortness of breath. You know, that's what I feel today. Okay? She's headaches from creating that usually caused from dehydration, so that might not be the creed him directly. It might be the lack of hydration after the fact. So I I always drink enough water so I don't have a headache, and I've never had a headache that I can think of from Cradle because I stay well hydrated where the other address, the side effects, I think are directly related to creating the agitated. Because that's kind of what I feel. I I wrote a list of what I was feeling through the day, but I'm just gonna go by memory. First. I felt relaxed after I took the creative, like thirty minutes to an hour later, I was relaxed. I was. I was sexually excited and emotional. Teo was wonderful. It was like I was on GHB. But then, as the day started going on, things started agitating me more, Which is the opposite. Usually create him, blocks the agitation. Usually I don't feel agitated, but But they started that I kind of want to just be alone and work so kind of like an Adderall feeling like I want to be alone, work and focused. And if anything would distract me from my focus. Normally on creative. If I focus, something distracts me. It just kind of rolls off, kind of like meditation rolls off, and I keep my focus. I'm excited, euphoric and energized this time. If something broke my focus, I've become very agitated at it. And I could control it. Probably couldn't see. Yeah, you could tell I was hiding. Takis, you're You're too quiet. Oh, focus. But too quiet, no smiling at all. I was trying to hide it. So then come all the way to this morning and I almost feel hung over. I actually feel kind of hungover this morning, but I'm just So what I'm gonna do since I took too much creative and didn't have the kind of experience I'm just going to not take created today and I have no withdrawals. It's the wonderful thing about freedom. Is is really if used intelligently. Even though I over in Mykonos, my definition overdosed. My withdrawals from that is hidden eggs for this one. Yeah, but I'm saying that's your hydration issue. And so Thean important point of this is because created is a different experience. Every time I worry that if I give credible and my friends, if they have a bad experience, they're going to like I don't wanna create him. But but created miss something. You cannot take one experience and then extrapolated that and assume that every one of your creative experience gonna be the same. It's very unique like that. I mean, someone can someone can, you know, take a puff of a cigarette or drink of alcohol? They know they're going to feel pretty similar every single time they take it. But, Craig, um, you could be pretty sure going to feel a little bit different every single time. And so if someone were to try this one plantation GMD the first time and have a bad experience, they may never take create him again. Which makes me nervous. Which makes me want to make sure that people are are using the right crater are using a good Craig, um, for at least their their first experience. So they know what it's capable of. Now I'm gonna read to you the list as I experienced it in order of experiences from the plantation create. Um, so at first, my ears were muted. Kind of like baby Callie. That's what I get from every crate him, and that's a good feeling. It kind of narrows my focus. My nose and my lips get a little bit numb. I feel slightly slight allergies. But then I use flown a cz Claritin. Sometimes that's a common reaction to get to create. It was just a little bit of an allergy feeling , dehydrated, but I kept drinking water. Mistake that a lot of people make on creating is they don't drink it off. I was relaxed and happy in the beginning, and then I started wobbling a little bit like I didn't want to stand up because my balance was off a little bit, Uh, so I would try to sit down or prop myself up against the wall or something, so I don't look like I was drugged on, then agitated and nauseous and then Adderall like focus annoyed when I was distracted from the focus. But remember, I it's not just the strain. It also could be the fact that I took more creative than I had ever taken before. We'LL have to experiment more to see with that string and lower dosage of has the same effect and also with other strains of create him at higher dosages to see if it has that effect it did work to break the addiction in the same way that it breaks heroin and opiate addictions on that. In theory, as I have speculated before, that it would break certain food addictions, especially addictions to cheese and wheat products. But for me also sugar products, I have zero cravings for wheat in sugar products. Normally, Craig, um, in the lower dosages and different strains seems to lower my addiction to these things. But today, for the first time in my adult life, I have absolutely, unequivocally zero cravings for food right now. And I'm in a grocery store and I just worked out. This is a new feeling. Here.

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