Trevor How to Make Cauliflower Mash Potatoes

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I think it's pretty safe to Senate. Everyone enjoys potatoes. If you are on a lower carbohydrate diver, in fact, ketogenic diet, you wantto have mashed potatoes. I have just the rest of the way. We're gonna make ketogenic French qualifier mashed potatoes. I know what you're thinking. Being cauliflower mash, potatoes bear with this recipe will become a favorite. Would you try to prom? So first thing we do is we have a nice big fat that's me. You take a big team with coconut oil, coconut oil. That's that's gonna give this recipe that nice, creamy, rich taste to it, just like math. So take a big table top that. Now, while that's heating up, what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a cauliflower, and this is the bag of purchased cauliflower. You could also buy a cauliflower florets. Chop it up. This is just doesn't work for you. What we're gonna do is take this cauliflower it with a pulse is in the food processor until it's kind of like that consistency of rights To throw it in the food processor, use the pole setting until it's all like a fine, uh, rice like consistency. And it is all ready to cook into the mashed potatoes. Just finished polishing the cauliflower in the food processor. I'm shaving. Looks like once it is all done, you can see it kinda has, like a snow like look to it. It's a really fine paste. And once it hits the coconut oil, it's gonna absorb the coconut. We have a creamy mashed potato take consistency to basic. What we're gonna do now is you already have the coconut oil that has warmed on the saucepan on me. He used to take a spin, Doctor, it's all in there. And then you're gonna let that song for both five minutes. There's really no wrong answer on how long you had it. It's just a personal preference. I've done like your cauliflower if you want to go a little bit more, and I'll have that caramelization taste to it if you live a little bit. Last was still have a little bit more dance calling My taste. They're for seasoning. It's really up to personal preference, but I liked at sea salt, black pepper and garlic. I mean, you could use a fresh garlic. You She's like a minute scar look like just so I'm going to add the seasonings in Let that stopped for about five minutes that the doneness that I like it it is tender, but it hasn't started caramelized yet. So if you want, you could get a little bit longer. If you like the taste of caramelized qualifier. This is how I like it. I skipped a little bit into a small bowl so you could see what I was talking about in regards to the taste and the texture. As you can see, it really does stick together. That really does have, like a creamy mashed, potato like taste to it. You can't smell it is a video, but the whole kitchen smells like coconut. Smells like garlic. It really does smell making. So give us a try. The Cabinet. Picky eaters as kids. If you have a husband, give us a track. Too easy. Way too speaks officials into them. It's extremely low card. Ketogenic friendly is one of my favorite recipes. Hopefully like it. Thank you so much for washing.

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