Winstrol and Anavar Experience with Elizabeth

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Winstrol and and of our experience with Elizabeth here, an enhanced athlete, Jim and of our. That's only for women, children and queers. Which one are you? This's Elizabeth Instagram profiles and she's competed and she's gotten super shredded. And she's been experimenting for the last three years and she the competition. So we're gonna go through each compound to a different video on each compound she's experimented with of the last three years. This one is about wind strong and of our A comedian. I wanna tell you a little secret. You know those instagram models you see online? Yeah, that one's looking shredded in their pictures. A lot of them are taken and of our all year around. How did win Stalin and of our work for you and why did you take it? I really liked taking the two together. It was a whole new process for me. I took them when I did my show prep for the Governor's Cup in two thousand seven. I ran a very low dosage of them, but I did the entire cycle for about two three months, and I had really good results. I got extremely shredded packed on some really good muscle that I've been able to build on since then. When I cycled off, everything ran smoothly. It was a really interesting process, and I think next time I do a show, I will probably up my dosage of it just to see what will happen, You know, playing around with it. Everything. Everything's new for me, but it had a really good reaction to my body. Now with Straw and Navarre could potentially have side effects for a few male, such as deepening of your voice. Uh, drying of your skin, acne, body hair growth. What side effects do experience from the voice? My voice got a little more. It would crack a lot. It wouldn't think so deep, but it would constantly crack. My skin was flawless. I had no acne problems, which was amazing. Um, no gnarly hair. Gross. My mood. I would say it was probably the biggest change. I was very, very angry all the time. But little little is things would, you know, set me off, and that was something I had to work on. But besides that, the side effects were not nearly as gnarly as everyone told me they would be. So I was pretty wasted and you went into the cycle knowing that these side effects might happen yet. So how did you decide knowing that these were side effects for potential. How did you make the decision to use? I kind of just said, screw it and I decided to go ahead and do it because at the end of the day, it's not running it for my entire life cycles only for a short amount of time. So I might as well experiment, experiment with it and see how it goes. And it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Everyone said, Oh, don't do it. It's gonna be It's gonna have this effect. This is that I didn't They only had one or two bad side effects on about your menstrual cycle of change. Have frequent stragglers. Stop. It didn't stop my menstrual cycle. But honest clean. My body fat right now is at seventeen percent, and I do not get my menstrual cycle right now. And I'm not taking anything. So I think also was, as females lower their body fat, that's going to be a big part of it. Um, and then, as my body's happened, went up and I went off my cycle, my menstrual cycle pay back. My hormones went back in the balance, took about five, six months for everything to kind of get back into the flow. But like I said, now that my body fat is lowered naturally, it's my menstrual cycles going right now. So the wind strong and of our our tablets were you taking them once a day, twice a day, twice a day. That would take half a pill twice a day. So I guess really a full pill a day way, Pierre, minute it up and then pyramid it down to about a week out from my show. And then after the show that you come off immediately or did you keep paramedic down? Way We came off immediately. I took some hormone injections from my doctor that helped get my balance. That and they I think those injections really helped us. Well, to my hormones were a little messed up. But like I said, get back in the flow things to go out five, six months. All right, There you have it. And of our Winstrol for women. Thank you, Elizabeth. Be swollen school friends, afraid of pioneers, human evolution, only huge talking about weak steroids like Anna var is not getting you any cosa finding the hidden steroids of much of me, too. Here.

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