Bio Active B12 | First formulation and how to use it.

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This is the first formulations bioactive b twelve. Coach Trevor's gonna tell me how to use it on my shoulder. First of all, what do you think about where I'm injecting it on my shoulder? Trevor, What's a good place? The muscle always absorbs better subcutaneous tissue. You're getting blood flow right to the area were objecting, so it's more of an instantaneous affect. More absorption. If you wanted to prolong it just a little bit, he would shoot it in the subcutaneous or fat tissue. So shoulder is a great place. There's no pain with now. I'm using a thirty one gauge, uh, really short needle. Five sixteenths, I think on What do you think? One cc. Good amount? Yes. Oh, most twelve Islamic Kabbala Mint, which is twelve and synthesize, which it's a good aural form, but it's synthesized through science. If you look at the molecules interest synthesizer cyanide, it's actually toxic. It is better ***, but they're putting the stuff into injectables, and what this is is methyl kabbalah. So method of Bowman, just like a steroid. You're using a method group. It's not liver toxic. It is much more effective when injected, and it doesn't produce the toxins like silent Moment produces. And this one it's not just be twelve you two thousand micrograms or a milligram per cc like standard. But again, a meth O B twelve or method Kabbalah Mint. And then there's a teepee, which is in there and contrary to what people think a teepee has to be in a start in P. H. In this, if you check in with Ph. Trip, you'LL notice. The pH range is very precise for the eighty Pito work, and not just that. There is bicarbonate, and someone in there is a transporter. So what? This means the transporter. When you take creating, when you take a teepee, any anything that requires a transport sodium specifically bicarbonate. When you make this you'LL see, it looks like a thunderstorm happening in a beaker. It will cause that's what we call it Final Active because it will call it will activate the P A and the A T. P starts moving. So as soon as you put that in your body of transport of sodium, taking it to the back cells, we have to go and that is your carrier. Taking it same with B twelve increasing protein synthesis. What is the natural form? Energy All living cells of your body and a dentist trying What am I supposed to be feeling right now? You Most you'LL feel is a little bit of energy. You can't actually feel that if you inject to three c sees a teepee build up because it is a low amount of eighteen b. But if you injected two three females of this you'LL feel you'LL wake up, wake up. You're gonna follow my heart rate started increasing that possible eighteen because is a type of car Did we take too much like I feel energized, like I just took a expressive a shot of expressive. But it's natural energy. There's no caffeine, no shake. Wow, that is the raw energy they inject Did get a little bit of a lump there, but that is on. That is a very shallow needle. You use the shell on, you know, and you're putting on water when you talk. There's no pain, no pain. It's just I think some of it hasn't dispersed yet. Yeah, that's why I always tell you use longer needles, but a half inch one of these, like a half inch or final eights is perfect. When you put in water, you cite enhancement effect. But plus your needle tip here is so short, he's going to go into right on the flash soon. About five minutes. This lump goes away. Okay? Yeah, There's no pain at all, so you can see the difference on this side. All right. So what have long does it last? Like, I'm gonna go to the gym. Whoa. Oh, I feel good right now. Oh, okay. So I feel really good. Like, I was very tired. We're worn out. And now I feel I feel like I just took smelling salts and a shot of express of and my I feel it in my ears. So this especially statement, especially Kyoto diets or people who are usually a lot of expending a lot of energy or dieting extremely in the morning. You know the trick. You take a federal warrant, go back to sleep through your alarm and see if this I have competitors. Take it up to fifty milligrams, depend on the person they take it, and you will wake up and you just go. It's not like that. And so if I wanted to test an extreme amount I could do like first season is what I would want to kill me. It could okay, if not three species, but a lot more than eighty people. Kind of like five, six years I could die. There's a little very few milligrams. So how long's it last count? Only when I feel this kind of rush of energy, you feel it for a few hours. You'LL definitely feel that for about three hours, so I think I could do it like an hour before the devil finds a brand to Jim and shoot it like I do with insolent. There's no crash at the doses. If you took a lot in your mentor, your model Congress are going crazy after, Of course, you'LL feel tired, but there's no crash. So this is my coffee place is what they give racehorses, but higher. So how many's see seizes in a bottle shot one cc. So how many service? So I just sixty shots a two per day for a month. It's all water soluble, so there's no toxicity from what's in there. The sodium bicarbonate selling very good. There's a given kind of like you give water attention. You're getting as a transport system. So there's no what This is actually the second time that you had to use this. You had me take a look at it differently. But I remember this field similar feeling. Yeah, that one had a higher amount and that also had have communal some basil violators. Because that was extreme. Haven't worked out. But when I took that one I worked out that was the most powerful working Because you get so much a teepee even if you're dieting or deficient. Come, Hydra, you still brought energy. If if people knew about stuff like this when they never even taken a pre workout no way because their stimulus make eighteen more. What? Yes, this has a teepee which is like creatures way. You're trying to get out. But, uh, if I if I retain creating also with it, is there gonna be synergistic? Yes. So the TP doesn't this fill you out for say that creating people type opening on ten pounds of waterway is story in the muscle and that's being stored for use later. Just like kind of like a genuine sense, right? Well, this has transported for creating. If you look a studies, these two, especially by carbon a specifically are used as a transport and carrier for creating and tp more effective than insulin. So that will go to show you people take insulin with grape juice and creating for a better effect. This is much what you can check it online to or any FBI study. This is more effective transporting story, creating a teepee, then insolent. Okay, well, we'LL cut this off, go to the gym and then we're gonna shoot some more videos using this later Experiment on some more people. Experiment on me with other dosages. Be swelling school Friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution.

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Whats the source for the b12? Cant find it


Good luck with first formulations, their products are all out of stock for 3 months and you may not get them at all or get your money back. Beware


The b12 rush is great product, but I got screwed on my last order. I ordered 10 bottles and only 8 arrived. This is bad for business and customer service.