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bodybuilding diary Tick Fail with Me, Dr Tony Huge and Baby, who's been competing in bodybuilding competitions and been using diary ticks Toe look super shredded on stage to lose that film of water. But one time it went really backwards for him. What happened? How did you fix it? What was the result? So my last show, I had took a cartel, a diuretic. So maybe type Cotto cocktail content of different heretics. I started off maybe a week and a half with expel, which is like a natural herbal diuretic. Then I graduated Tio out that tone about seven days out took like I have worked my way into a pill. Then Dyas I came about two, three days before the show and I think I think that was too much for me personally. And backstage I was cramping up so severely that she went to take a dump and I think I dumped my abs and glues kind of so bad I was gonna get back up the toilet. So even though I felt I had to show almost make it to the stage and I had to go drink a bunch of Gatorade just kept drinking Gatorade capturing anyway, I was still coming up. So now I'm like, What do I do now? So now I started chucking water on top of getting water, time to get away. And then right before I stepped on stage, that's where my body kind of released back up. I was walking on st I noticed I had a really bad from water, like right under my belly button. So I kept trying to hide it the whole time, and I guess it worked. So I actually ended up winning overall. And I worked out well for me. But you got to be careful with that. Ready? It could be really dangerous, because if I couldn't step on stage, I wouldn't have won, no matter if I was the best physic in that. So be careful with that. With that much diary ticks, oftentimes hard to still out, you get really flat. Did you have that problem too? I mean, I saw your pictures on stage looked amazing, but do you think you would have been more full with less diuretics? You one hundred percent. If you would have seen me maybe two weeks out, I was a lot more full, but where my genetics are pretty round muscle belly. So even when I'm flat, nobody can tell Besides me in my coach. So I have one of those to the way it works for me when I'm flat. If I'm in shape, I actually look better flattened shape rather than, like, full and fill me. So I think for me it works better that way, but not for everybody. So So what do you think you could have done? Better? Less diuretic, Certain diary ticks, more minerals. What's what? Why would you have changed your protocol so you wouldn't have cramped up so bad and so flat? I think the guys are just too much for me. Personally, I think I'm better off with expel and Dr I was ready by then already, So I don't think I need it. Guys, I next time I might not dies. I I might just keep it out, Doctor. Always on the show. And I might not cut drinking water. I might drink water all the way to the show. And I kind of stopped drinking water, uh, thursday night, so I don't think that was necessary. Anything. If you're ready, you're ready if you try to get even more ready after you're ready. Things kind of go backwards from there, so yeah. So more water, uh, going into it with more potassium storage in the muscle. Loading the task ahead of time. Have electrolytes on hands. You don't have to pound Gatorade, which has a lot of sugar. It has the risk of spilling over, use less diabetics, and then have a better effect. Yeah, and don't do anything. You don't have to do one. Once you're there, you don't do anything extra. Alright. Be swollen. Small friends afraid of finding out here.

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