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This is Coach Trevor on five. A hydroxy lacks agenda, which is often previous figures last again. So Last Surgeon is a very, very interesting compound, is a steroidal savage and found in a variety of plants. It is literally gear for Serbia. Its last login is what causes growth in vitality plants. Now, obviously, us being humans, we won't get the exact same benefits a plant would. But we will still get really benefits from laxity in. It is a really interesting compound. I don't want anyone in this video to think that it's going to give you steer it like results is a steroid of Savage in which is similar to steroids. But it's not the same thing as anabolic steroids. So this is knocking you the same was also something like de ball or an intro. Would that being said, it does have a lot of really good their pubic rules. The best thing about laxity in is that it does not interfere with normal for moral pathways in the human body, so it does not suppress H p. T. A. It does not suppress Lewton izing hormone or follicle stimulating hormone. It's the nice thing about that is you can use lacks a genin as a bridge between steroid cycles and in a P C T. It's actually really good, too, including a pct because it will increase nitrogen to attention. Prevent muscle loss that lower cortisol because normally in a pct, what happens is that your stress hormones or high an anabolic hormones testosterone very low as your bias. Nursery stories, natural testosterone production It's a nice thing about last. Genin is that will prevent muscle loss could prevent fat game during a pct. Another place where I really like black surgeon is for drug tested athletes, drug test athletes or maybe someone like a member of Parliament who wouldn't want to be using anything legal like steroids last surgeon and will improve next inattention and give you an increased animal stimulus without being illegal. It's World Anti Doping Agency compliant, so that's another really nice benefit but lacks Jen. Third place at like Last surgeon is for females, so the term animal like steroids actually abbreviated for the full name and a ball like angiogenic steroids. So steroids have two distinct overlapping effects of the anabolic effects, which promote an increase in muscle growth, but also the angiogenic effects, which promote an increase in male sexual characteristics, also called realization. So the problem with that is primarily animal of steroid. Seems like Anna Barr prima ball. They do so have an energetic rating, so women can get emasculating side. If it's things like Liberace, enlargement, facial hair, growth voice deepening things that females obviously now the nicely but lacks a jinn, it is because it has zero angiogenic properties. Those side effects are impossible for men. Last urgent cannot promote hair loss cannot cost. cannot cause water attention. So it's a very, very safe, mild supplement. The last place where I like glass surgeon is for males. Under the age of twenty five, a man goes through puberty until about the age of twenty five. Really? Don't think using steroids before the age of twenty five. Smart, you're goingto Brenda hormonal issues later in life. So if you're younger athlete, let's hear, like twenty one two by two and you're watching this video and you really want to hop off the gear? Trust me, man, you're better off waiting until you're about twenty five years. That gear if you want you something. The meantime, refusal oxygen last gin and does not affect normal hormonal production, so it's not suppressive, so won't interfere with your body. Go into puberty properly. As for dosages, for a man like one hundred one hundred fifty milligrams per day for a woman like fifty to seventy five milligrams per day, it does not matter if you take last June on empty stomach for food. A lot of steroid users get acid reflux when they take world steroids on empty stomach. A glass of gin is not. Mathletes is not goingto won't you want to have some side effects so you can prove it. Prove it scientifically oxygen on empty stomach. You take food. Whatever is easiest. You want to split your daily dosage into two or three dosages. So the easiest way to do that for a man of fifty milligrams at breakfast and dinner. But if you're working out that they take another fifty milligrams with your pre work oatmeal and then for a woman, you take twenty five milligrams at breakfast and dinner and then twenty five milligrams prewar Camille. If your work knows too so classy Jin, it's a very, very interesting natural supplement. It's not going to provide story like results, but it is a good supplement. Give it a try This is Coach Trevor on five. A hydroxy last again. Thank you for watching it. Will please find that phone there.

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