Coach Trevor on Coaching Dr Tony Huge | 7 day prep and Placing 1st Place.

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So I have to ask you, being a coach and helping him through his ten day, perhaps. How do you deal with that? And what is your suggestion? I don't deal with it. I just let him do it. Um, when he does take my advice, if I do help, we usually worked pretty good, like Los Angeles show. Whatever you did, I'm correcting that problem. But in terms of ten day prep, everyone knows that's more on him. He's the one doing those things. Um, I could given opinion, but he's the one doing all the work for those. I can't really go much past that, really. But as a coach, sometimes it's frustrating, but he still managed to pull it off. How long do you think I would need to get in shape that actually win? Ah, higher level competition. How many weeks would you put me on a crap knowing that I still can prep very quickly? Quicker than the average person? Abs? Abs. What do you want? Your absolutely way did it right? I mean, honestly, the more time, the better. Six to eight weeks. So it's probably best we had eight weeks Way could grow you into the show just because what drugs and things you're on right now. You have so much room to go into a show. Um, you know, I feel about the ten they prep, but you know how to get rid of at least the water safely. Even when you do have that. And that's the biggest thing. I'm a body. But coach myself, I have a girl actually getting ready for the Excalibur December fifteenth in L. A. Um, and yeah, I was gonna say about eight weeks if he asked you to prep fully. Yeah, but that's the other problem that we have is the longer we do the perhaps I think more, the less wind up accomplishing. I think when you has less time, he's more motivated because he can go to an extreme for a short amount of time and actually pull it off. If we did eight weeks, it seems so far away. We don't take I mean, crave me if I'm wrong, but taking this seriously, we're doing videos all the time and traveling, so it makes it really hard. That's why it's always spur of the moment. I guess I appreciate you guys this time today. Thanks very much. Here

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