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G H R P sticks stands for growth hormone, releasing peptide six. This video is for education on entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this video is medical or legal advice. J. H R V six was the first growth hormone secreted guard to be developed, so a growth hormone secreted dog is something that causes your body to increase growth hormone production. This is completely different than exogenous growth hormone. So basically G h r p six. You're injecting a peptide that causes the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in your own body to increase H. Tho Put your body itself is making HH When, when you're using exogenous growth hormone, you're injecting the growth home itself, so it's complete different things. Here you're providing a signal for your body to increase its own growth in production. And that's why when you take the g h r P six really really, Madeleine, because you're not actually injected hormone injecting a signal that caused your body to increase more of that hormone. So that's why you often hear you want to take th r p six on an empty stomach. That's completely true. You can take it with food. It'LL still work. It just won't be as effective. You won't get the same judge balsa wood. If you take that, he started So Jacob. The sex or the first growth hormones are critical ever to be developed is developed in the nineteen eighties. After that poor Ellen J. H R P. Two in Hex or Ellen became You want to stack G h r p six for the G h R h. So basically, when you do that, the G H R H extends the pulse and it amplifies it. So if you did G h R P six myself, you get a pulse like that with the G a r a h. You get extended pulse and it's amplified, so the pulse is bigger and it last longer if you stack it. G h r p h with the G h r h. The Growth Woman pulse is going to circulate for about eight hours. So if you're doing about two or three injections per day, you're going to get basically increased the ace almost twenty four hours throughout the day. So it's very, very effective. As for which peerage to use, you've CDC one two, nine five and CDC, one two, nine five back. It's the same drug. The only differences with the DAC. They're adding a drug affinity complex. That's what Dax stand for. Now this has a half life of about thirty minutes. CDC one two nine five has a half life of about eight days. Huge difference. So a CDC one two nine five good after injected multiple times per day received. You see one, two, nine, five back. You'LL have to inject it once a week. That's basically what Dad was developed for. It was developed for basically growth hormone replacement therapy. So then you know an older man you really have to do one injection per week. But with seed, you see one, two, nine, five o thing to ask. You have to do multiple injections per day every single day of the week. Now is a big argue of which one is better. In my opinion, if you're gonna be stacking G h r p six with G h r h, you're gonna have to inject the HRT six multiple times anyways, so why not just stack it with something that you have to inject? Moz has anyone. It just makes the most sense would kind of be like stacking of short. Esther with a short Esther were steroid cycle. It would really make that much sense to stack short Esther the Lions. Not that you can do it. It's just kind of makes sense to stack drugs with similar half lives. And then also, there's that whole question of what's more natural. If you look it in the body and the body, your body, and actually produces th impulses it doesn't produce. G. H is s close trickle. Which is what? C A. CDC What, five doctors? It's basically a bleed is what you'll hear it say because it has such a long halfway. It's slowly releases G age with the CDC. One, two, nine, five goes impulses, which is a ways, which is how your body actually produces it. Now, does that mean it will be more effective? It's hard to say, but I mean, if you're gonna make the growth, hormone policy would make the most sense to mimic the way their body would national do it. So as for dosages, you want one hundred micrograms of each. I see all the time I got on the message boards that use it way more than that. They're using like two hundred, three hundred four hundred micrograms per dosage is just going to waste your money. Because remember, this is not a growth hormone. This is something that causes your body to produce more growth hormone. Right? You're providing a signal for the hypothalamus pituitary gland in your own body to produce more growth hormone. So taking more of that signal isn't going to really help you because your body could only produce so much growth hormone at one time. Right? This isn't like growth hormone where you could just up your doses. You get more and more and more because you're providing signal your body can produce so much So using Warren, this is just going to waste your money. If you look at the literature they actually did. Tek Trey Shin studies where they saw, you know, hundred micrograms, two hundred grams, two hundred four hundred grams. Basically, the same results are seeing with one hundred grams to save your money. There's no point using more than that. And another thing with this is because your body is producing growth hormone itself. Everyone is and get different results. If you naturally don't produce a lot of growth hormone, you're going to see better results and someone who actually produces more growth hormone. There's a really interesting study where they looked at Lener, individuals versus obese individuals. They give him the same dosage, and the more obese individuals got a much higher world. Someone released from Baseline because as your body fat increases, your growth hormone production decreases. So that's not to say a leaner individual wouldn't get the best results from it. But this is gonna be very, very individual. And that's why if you hear on the message boards, some guys really, really liked your GR p six. And some people don't The guys didn't get much from it. They probably actually produce a lot of growth hormone themselves is the guys who got a lot of it. They were probably producing very little reform themselves. That's basically it. The only side effect. You're really good experiences hunger, because Ji Hrt six is synthetic analog of Gremlin. Gremlin is your body's hunger hormone. So whether in office as a side effect, that's debatable because some people using here sharply six in the off season or, you know, when they're trying to build muscle, they might actually like that hunger side effect So that's the only real side effect. You might get a little bit of water attention, a little bit of carpal tunnel going on. The same side effects would experience the growth hormone. But if you do expensive side effects that you usually will go away in the first week or two after your body gets used to the peptide. As for duration, when it comes to things like growth hormone G H R P. Six you're gonna want to be using these for months rather than weeks. You know, growth hormone is a type of thing you really need to use for a while in order to notice the benefits from because this is a fat loss and recovery drug. This isn't like an oil sterile like de ball. We're going to jump up ten pounds of scale waiting a week. This is something where, if you run it for, you know, a month, two months, three months will notice. Hey, I'm a little bit leaner in the mirror. I notice that I'm sleeping better. My recovery's better joined. So her things like that So growth hormone it's actually not really muscle building drug is more of a recovery in fact, lost book. So if you're looking for fat loss, recovery agent G H R P six would be exactly what you're looking for and when to take it. This is the last thing I'LL talk about. So you want to be using one hundred micrograms two to three times per day. I honestly feel only twice per day is needed. You could do three times per day, but I mean twice today is going pretty much be that nice doses where it's not a total pain in the butt. Be pinning multiple times per day and you're suddenly really get benefits. You want to take it on an empty stomach. So the easiest thing would be taken first thing in the morning when you wake up, take a hundred micrograms of each and then also post work up to one hundred micrograms of each of the nice thing about that is that then when you have the hunger side effects last for about thirty to sixty minutes after injection, You actually positive because, you know, you take it first thing in the morning both thirty minutes later, going to feel really hungry. We eat breakfast safety of post workout. You take it right after a post Ricco, you can eat a nice meal. Those calories will benefit you. If you want to do a third injection, you want to do it before bed. The only issue with that is that some people, when they feel that hunger side effect, they won't be able to sleep. So play with it. You know you could do three injections. You could do breakfast post workout before bed. If that before bed injection is wrecking your sleep because you're waking up hungry, skip it and just you breakfast and post workout. So that's basic gohr. Be six. In a nutshell. Last single Taco Boat is there's kindness. Misconception that G H R P six raised prolactin levels. It does. But at the dosages, I recommend the plural act and increase its so negligible it's really not even a factor. Anyone who gets a from using the HRT six. They're stacking with other steroids in the RV sex because on what's causing the guy. No, it's most likely that death, the test or something like that. So, yes, G H R P six does increase prolactin levels, but I mean at the dosages. I recommended the relaxing increases so negligible it'd be like a tenth of the prolactin in Greece. You get from so saying you're twenty six, it's gonna cause Finally be saying like, don't cause you'LL get kindof night It's prolactin Increases so small, Personal, Edible. Well, we found this video. Hubble, This is Trevor, the Diet coach. Thank you for watching.

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