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coach Trevor's gonna optimize a pro bodybuilder gear protocol for maximum muscle building health and longevity in the bodybuilding sport to keep growing muscle without hitting a plateau. But first ha dealer intermission from Austria. Just say one thing with this cute accent. I'm from Austria. Just you, uh I'll be back I'Ll be back. That's right, cause that's, uh, Arnold Schwarzenegger's thing. What? His question is, he doesn't want to come off completely on the growth and growth hormone insulin. He doesn't want to come off completely, but because that is, you have photo shoots, you have things you have to do. So how could we do it and still lower his number current due in Lois hemoglobin, a one series dosages What we'LL both but your hemoglobin and your insulin and your glucose. So the goal. The goal here is because he's been using growth and insulin for awhile. He's desensitized himself to insulin. His blood sugar is too high, his muscles are not absorbing the nutrients. You can take all the gear you want, But if your muscles I'm not absorbing the carbs and the nutrients, then you're going to hit a bottleneck, which is what happened So how do we optimize that? Well, yeah, because he's eating and taking the growth from on the same time. So your blood sugars in a skyrocket and over time, eventually that number gets so high. None of that's coming into your body, and glucose fills up your veins. That's another reason why it's blood so thick. Normally, take the girls away the thirty minutes and then I have breakfast. Yeah, but the growth Roman has up to six hours in your body. So that's why I would tell you switch from human log to human are. And if you do that, you have roughly the same half life with the growth hormone. So when you have carbohydrates, you still have a low dose of insulin present to help transport the excess glucose. Do you understand? So by doing this, you get better nutrient delivery. You're helping with the insulin resistance because we're going to lower the dose of just a little bit. And by doing this, you increase your idea and how long the idea is in your body, for which is what you're trying to get from your growth hormone. So what you have is four point five units of growth hormone. First thing in the morning like seven AM and then ten I use of insulin pre workout at eleven AM, which is human lot, and then growth hormone four point five units before bad about one a. M. So I would change this, and I would change your growth hormone dosage to eight thirty nine before your workout. And if you're going to do the four point five I use, you could do that. But I would tell you to take the insulin with it. Human are, and I would take roughly five to six units of that, so he was injecting subcutaneous into the fat. I usually inject intra muscular in the shoulder in the side of the bicep ous forest, timing differences that can affect it, knowing that he's doing it. Sub Q. So timing wise and I would definitely do it about eight o'clock as opposed to eight thirty or nine if you're using something with the human Arya. That way, it's president the same time as your training, and neither one of these air higher load there all together. Everything's working in Correlation. You're Anson's gonna drop a little bit, but it's going to make it this much more effective in the end, in your idea of still going, your I d f will be higher than it was before. Idea is what makes you grow from the growth from, I guarantee your GF number will be twice that of what it was before, and we can end up taking less insolent to the timing of this could be confusing, so we're going to write out a schedule and put it up on the screen So it's easier to follow. And you have that you take again four point five units before bad at one AM This would be a time you could take it if you are only having, say, fat proteins before bed wouldn't be as bad. But again, it would also be better. We've switched that around, switched the schedule around where you could take it with a low dose insulin. If you were still doing that, you're not sleeping. You don't have a CPAP. So the growth hormone before beds on doing anything because you really never sleeping so that would be an alternate route to you could do this pre workout and do this, say, four to six hours later, you could split the dough, sings down the smaller dose and more frequently, and then we just cut the numbers accordingly. But we definitely want to lower that insulin down. And we really still one of the lower your growth hormone so that there's a one more component, the slim pills or any other insulin mimetic. Now we're using this instead of Matt Foreman because metformin is a better glucose disposal agent. But he wants to have a lot of carbs. He wants his muscles to absorb more carbs. Mohr Mohr, importantly, is increasing the sensitivity of the muscle tissues so that less insulin does the same trick and therefore, he re sensitize, is more to insulin, and it takes more, more work off of his pancreas. So I would recommend doing three capsules of slim pill in the morning and three capsules at night, because in my experience, it seems tto last about eight hours or so. Uh, could even take it three times a day. But you've got to be careful because this is going to drop your blood sugar and so does insulin. So you, if you feel yourself getting dizzy, then you gotta back off on either these or the insulin. Your blood sugar might actually drop. Drop to love sometimes. Sometimes happened to me. Any provision that? No. So if you were doing that, I like to take him. Actually, I would do that too. But start with three. Like you said, you could go about it anyway, because every body is different. Everyone's individual. You have a different dose. Your blood sugar's already high, so it's gonna take you out to get that down. You could start your day off with three. Are you having carbs throughout your entire day? Yeah. Okay. Last one. So if you are, then I would do it. Assumes you wake up three of those. And then how I do it is just every meal. Sometimes I'll skip a meal during the day, but I just take two with the meal. If there's carbs and every meal, if every other meal. Yeah, if there's carbs, carbohydrates in there. Yeah, And again, I use metformin for some guys, but I use a early on during the cycle before any of this happens. So this is a good way of going about it with natural the natural way without the, You know, the cancer is some of the other things associated with that form. All right, there it is. The optimized growth hormone. Insulin protocol for better health, more nutrient absorption. More longevity in the sport, more muscle building. The swollen school friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution here.

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