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Tim Mariella here. You know me as the world renowned fitness and supplement expert. And today I want to talk to you about enhanced athletes. E a burn. And just in case you didn't know the acronym for is essential amino acids. This is an enhanced amino acid recovery complex used to build and maintain muscle stimulate M tour activity, increased protein synthesis and speed up recovery times. What I'd like to do is show you what's in it and really show you all the different ways this product goes to work for you for building muscle. Now, the first thing you're going to see in the supplement fax RBC a branch chain amino acids. First off, you're going to see out Lucy two point five grams. What's interesting about losing is your body cannot use this branch chain amino acid for energy. Its sole purpose is to tell your muscle cells to turn protein into more muscle. And of course, with that, you have the other branch chain amino acids. L s a losing one thousand two hundred and fifty milligrams and El Valle in one thousand two hundred and fifty milligrams. These tell your muscles again to grow bigger and they spare your muscle during exercise. Good guys branched chain. Amino acids are awesome. Essential amino acids are awesome. But you know what's even more awesome, combining branch chain amino acids and essential amino acids together. That, my friends, is where you're going to see the full force of muscle growth and recovery. So, as you can see in hits athletes, E a burn is loaded with essential amino acids. L listen hydrochloride, three hundred milligrams l three only in two hundred fifty milligrams El Final Alan in two hundred milligrams l trip defend fifty milligrams l histamine, twenty five milligrams and finally l meth Yoni one milligram And that's not it. After all those b. C. A's and is you're also going to find a hydration and metabolism blend, kicking it off with l carnitine l Tar Trade one gram. This is awesome form of l carnitine because this form not on ly burns fat like simple l carnitine, but it also increases your workout performance. You're also going to see Aquaman soluble one hundred milligrams. This a natural mineral from algae. That's great for your joints, but more importantly, it reduces inflammation. If we look at the top of the supplement fax. You're also going to see some very important electrolytes. Calcium, twelve milligrams, one percent magnesium, seventeen milligrams, four percent sodium, fifty nine milligrams, three percent of the recommended daily allowance and finally, potassium. Seventy milligrams, two percent of the recommended daily allowance. These are going to hydrate your muscles and you're going to get healthy muscle contractions. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to take your muscle growth to the next level with enhanced athletes. E a burn. Thank you so much you're watching. Don't forget to follow. Enhance athlete dot com on all social media and firm or information on this product and others. Visit the website www dot enhance athlete dot com.

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