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Stark Tony huge here with baby, a former steroid user. You talk about is, uh, first steroid cycle? Yes. Oh, my first steroids cycle was actually at seventeen. And believe it or not, we would actually fake completely fake. I signed myself up, Got slowly on. Um, I went about as some guy find out what makes. So my will, when I actually started at eighteen. Wait when you did this fake cycle, did you guys like a placebo effect? Did you notice some benefits? Was it was it fake is in. It was still anabolic, but it wasn't what you thought it was. A It was a completely punk. It was completely bunking. In the beginning, I kind of have to go, Percy. Both right in the beginning and someone down. And I'm like, I feel like I should be making more progress. And then, uh, I got that at the gym. I showed him to leave whenever you like. It's totally fake. So So then your first really steroids. Which goods? Trevor's here is. Well, first baby's gonna tell us about his first real steroid cycle. At age eighteen. He's now twenty six years old. These massive so at the first cycle goes really? So from then on I got pretty paranoid. So I went and actually got it. Do a doctor like a second party guy at the gym that would work at the hospital. And it was deep bowl and tests. And it was really good, actually out by the first. The only time I actually got it straight from the pharmacy I'll put on about thirty pounds, maybe in, like, two months. Remember what dosages You're taking a D ball and test it Debo, but even twenty milligrams. I took about three of those sixty minute around the depot and then the test with five hundred five hundred a week. I did that for about three months and I made some really good Gator. Didn't Did you notice that your results were Platt telling? Or did you make constant progress over those three months? You know, it really hit me. I like week number four, and Polly's kept seeing results for another four weeks, and from then on, I kind of got a plateau that sheriff kept going up. But the actual weight gain and look kind of stop kind of kind of stop. And when I came off, I didn't take any like, remember Dex. I don't know anything about that. So I got really puffy also. So when I came off, I was kind of puffy, and I came off culture. He didn't do any CCTV. So I kind of thought of eating like, a lot of junk. I get, like, emotional eating. I don't know if I was sad, but I'll be in a lot of junk food. I got really puffy party blew up to like for, like, ten extra pounds, maybe forty pounds in general. And in my next question gotta Coach John, you know, Jonah Regan is, But, you know, you actually change change my physique for best doing this my way. All right, So, uh, what you would you do differently? The first cycle? Would you have shortened the cycle and you would definitely do a pct, but would you have done a shorter cycle? Did you like that cycle length? I like the left. I would have definitely done some kind of anti decision and probably lowered a D ball. Let's be honest, I think I would have seen the same results of my twenty milligrams forty milligrams people. So every way too much. Deebo, I got a really bad moon face and all the really puffy. So they're any less depot And in some kind of attention Did your natural estrogen I mean, natural testosterone eventually come back like you had this period of time where you were emotional. You're gaining weight. Clearly, your estrogen shot up your testosterone. Natural production was suppressed. How long do you think it took you to normalize without doing a pct? Anything to know? Actually, maybe about three, four weeks. And I think that I was so young. So basically, let's say three weeks after the cycle and when I start again, like, kind of emotional like that and another three, four weeks after that I was a pretty decent out, only eighteen, so they came up pretty fast normally. Alright. More videos to come from baby. Dr Tony. Huge A coach driver be swallowed. Whole friends Free to pioneers. Human evolution Yeah.

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