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Female Diane Experimentation with Me, Dr Tony Huge and Elizabeth, who's been experimenting with her body for the last three years when she started weightlifting and got a personal training certification. Waded a previous video on our Animal Winstrol cycle and her Austrian cycle. Now we're covering her diet. She's experimented over the last three years with many diets to see what works for her. Now what works for her might not work for everybody else, but I want you to understand the process she went through and experimenting. And then what she figured out was the best diet for for either building muscle or burning faster. What types of diets, if you tried. So at the beginning of this year, I was eating Taco Bell and Panda Express and drinking and just horrible, horrible, horrible diet. Horrible habits We like to call them. And I looked in the mirror one day and said, I don't want to have a beer belly anymore. And I started to stop eating out so much. Stop driving through and I did the whole kilo diet, saying with low carb, high fat, high protein, and it didn't really work for my body. I was kind of just maintaining everything. So I decided Teo, just start making all my own food, eating really organic. So now them at seventeen percent body fat. I eat a lot of steak. I take two to three times a day. I swear by cauliflower rice you call far rice with every frigging meal I put in my body. Um, you could put it in a stir fry with vegetables and protein and mix it all together, and it's like really rice. In my opinion, um, I also eat a lot of egg whites as well. So I tried Teo basically eat all my protein rather than taking powder or shakes. Even because I've been in the day, I feel like food is just all around. Better to consume than the powdered stuff, in my opinion. And it's really been working for me. I don't have any crazy diet secrets. I just you know, I don't use salt or seasoning or oils. I just You tried intermittent fasting? Yes, I did. How did what did you do for it? How did it work? So I would do I would do the fasting for about two months. I would wake up around ten a. M. Ten. Eleven a. M. Go about my work out and I do my cardio. I would always time my workouts to end at around four o'clock, depending on when I get to the gym. And so after I leave the Germans of having powdered, I have egg whites with tilapia or egg whites with chicken or egg whites with ground turkey. That would be my first meal every day. And then my snacks would include, like Hamas and veggies. I would heal one of that, or I try to incorporate fruit as well rather than candy. A lot of people have sweet tooth, horrible sweet tooth, and I really broke that habits well with just pure fruit, like apples and strawberries and blueberries kind of a thing. And then that night my last meal would always be cauliflower rice with steak and either asparagus or at a mommy and a mommy is also really good vegetables. So you wouldn't eat until what time For piano, for PM. Okay, so no food, no breakfast, no lunch, not even till four p. M. But notice that she ate clean the rest of the day. She wasn't junk for the rest today, So this is part of the reason you're able to go from thirty four percent to seventy percent seventeen percent body fat along with the Austrians In what period of time about two three months. I was able to accomplish this. So she lost half of her body fat percentage in just two to three months, using intermittent fasting, Austrian and clean food. Why, yes, I it's I know it's hard for a lot of people to break that habit, but I say to have it because it really is just a mindset. You don't you? If you eat like craft, you're going. Teo, I'm sorry, but you're no look like crap. If you go out and eat pizza and burgers and chicken nuggets and talk about drink here all the time, it's not. It's all about habits, and I've made those good habits. I still enjoy glass of wine every now and then, but I don't have it every night. I'LL go out and have pizza, but it's once a month, not every day. So I still reward myself from for the hard work I put in. But I tried to, you know, have like I said, good habits. It's all about habits. Alright, info. That's her diet advice and our experience be swollen school friends of mine Yeah.

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