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Form a fil site Enhancement one cc versus three CCS. I'm gonna inject his triceps. And while I do cause Trevor's gonna tell us about the amount of volume that he prefers, I'm gonna give you my quick experience, which is that I've done, uh, one cc to cc three C c five cc and the one cc I've never had any problem. Uh, but it's also not as dramatic effects. It is very dramatic once you see if this is the equivalent of injecting about five species of most site enhancement. But when I do like five cc or three c c Oh my God, we're talking like two inches on my arms within forty eight hours, but also more of a risk of inflammation. More risk of blurring. The definition in the line's not permanently, but it's also Khun get kind of painful injecting so much. So what's your preference for how much to inject into the different between what muscles that were objecting? It's different, it's different. It's different in each muscle head for each muscle group, and then it's also depending on which a J that you're using. This happens to be the former filled. This happens to be a thirty percent concentration. There is a couple brands have come out. Besides, from Medi Medi has been around since before this by the side from them. These other brands have came out ever since we had talked about it, released the the former filled product before or had talked about it in terms of what it could do. Thirty percent versus what's going around five percent. I've seen this highest ten percent of it is going to make a very big difference. So if you think about five ten percent of the hydrologic ass they've given you, whatever affected is if you're running it versus thirty percent here, that leaves and it's not one plus one equals two. It's how we talked about with synergy with other things. When it's thirty percent one cc, I feel like three CCS. Uh, you're not getting uh, twenty percent larger because it's a twenty percent difference. So it's actually going to expand even more so when you're talking about holding its own weight, whether it's a thousand times or five thousand times that twenty percent concentration you'LL see, it goes from a gel from water to a gel to almost it doesn't even move. And now this absorbs whatever amount away, it's gonna absorb in the muscle. Once you see, we're talking about tricep on this, once you see is plenty when you do smaller muscle groups and you were to put three CCs Well, the amount of volume for mass on the muscle is going to be your biggest factor. So we take his outer try, set a place for myself. We put three species of something that's gonna potentially swell up. Fifteen twenty sees water with this new uh, that's a small muscle group. You could tell. Also the loan. The deeper you go on this product, the more the entire shape of the muscles going to expand and overall mass. When you's a shorter, you also run the risk. You'LL get more of a popping look. But again, that's when people can tell what you're doing. You want to create an overall of illusion and the look of your muscle expanding as opposed to just one thing swelling up. So in my upper chest, I have currently two ccs. I did one cc about three days ago in one cc this morning, and even just that one cc made my chest upper chest pop. So even even one. You don't see it immediately. It took about forty eight hours. Really swell. Actually, when I work my Chester going chest pump, then it got swollen bigger, and then it stayed swollen. It's like I got a permanent pump in my upper chest. And so how it works is because we don't dilute this. It's very hard to work with me. Don't dilute it. So what happens is you print this and say, like his chest, all the water when you're pumping blood into it, you're also drawing class way. You're also drawing water. Now all that water fills up into the muscle and it takes your body time to break out, found a higher law nick acid and break that chain. So when you're doing this, you're getting an expansion over time. The more you do, the more water goes, the faster this happens. But you still have over time, the breakdown because it's so concentrated. If you were taking another H A product, you see, it's like water instantly starts going away instant. So what they do is they add other things that cause inflammation, which actually ruins of product. You don't want to cause inflammation it's going to swell up enough and cause enough information just from expansion. So when you had that stuff to it, you take away everything that you were supposed to get from a chair, and we can get the same effect of swelling with a higher concentration just people don't want to work with. It's very hard to do be swollen, swollen friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution.

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What is this formafil ??? Where can I get this from ordoyou guys sell it on the site? I can’t find it. Please help brutha 💪🏽💪🏽

Lee Layton

Can you explain what it actually is? Is it a steroid and will dissipate like normal steroids? or is it like sinfol? Which stays with you? I habe small calves I train them hard but they don’t want to grow, will this help?


If you didn’t pay close attention to Coach Trevor you will miss it.
Formafill is 30 mg of hyaluronic acid. It has been used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles in face to restore volume for years. But now being used to pump up your muscles, genius!!

Lee Layton

Please reply guys, fans are taking time to watch your stuff, I’ve contacted a few time’s and nothing.

Lee Layton

Sold through first formulations but only accepts some sort of digital money or something??